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Does An SEO Need To Be Technically Sound?

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Day by day internet is becoming more and more complicated because Google search undergoes a number of calculations so that they can bring so that they can provide up to the mark information. Virtually it has been impossible for an expert programmer to appeal every code lines in Goggle’s core algorithm and rank higher.


But one doesn’t need to be a Google engineer to rank high in search engines. To rank a website higher, it depends on how you choose a best SEO service provider who is eligible for your task. Some research work can help you find an SEO according to your budget, what kind of services they can provide and having a background check around some SEO firms can help you get the perfect SEO service provider.

In the early days, an SEO mainly depended on coding and deceptive tricks in order to rank their sites higher. It has been a misconception these days that an SEO can achieve success if they are technically sound and experienced. But it’s really not true.

Well, there are some a strategy and coding that need to be as part of your strategy, but for most times in modern SEO it can be done without any experience or any kind of technical knowledge about Google’s algorithm and its working.

Google’s algorithm has never been disclosed completely so no SEO ever had any access to actual codes that could rank up the business, so being a technical expertise is no longer a necessity.

Until now it has been found that all our knowledge about SEO that may be on-site to off-site has mainly come from experimentation or from Google guidelines about how is their algorithm. Content writing quality or bounce rate reduction is the non-technical generalities which mainly and SEO should possess.

Being a modern SEO is very simple if a few keys which are kept in mind while providing the service.

  • Offer a good on-site experience:

To give a better on-site experience you don’t need to be familiar with website designing or development, but there are some factors you should keep in mind. Your site should depict your purpose and should be user-friendly. Make your site fast and optimized for any device. Your site should also be easy to navigate.

  • Good content writing:

Contents have been a major point for every SEO since past many years, it does not matter that how you use keyword phrases in the content nor how you present your content. You just need to make sure that the topic you are choosing is interesting, relevant, original and informative.

So as long as you are writing high-quality material that relates to your company and adds a significant value for your reader then that’s good for your work.

  • Making yourself as an authority:

Google is always looking forward to outsource to see how authoritative they are in their respective fields. In earlier days, this meant to be like sneaking in links to as many as possible. But today there is no need of such things, instead it’s all about making a better person to person relationship with other bloggers and publishers and they can help you get published. Good content writing and making your site a magnet for inbound links can make your site gain a vote for credibility, trust and authority from Google.

  • Making social space:

According to a recent study, it has been noted that if you have more than 1000 followers on any social media site, then you will be higher than the person not having an account on social media. So your popularity on social media sites plays a vital role in ranking you in organic searches. There is no harm in building your brand in a social media site rather it will eventually prove to be more beneficial.

Social media marketing is a bit of a science involved in it, but by establishing your presence, getting involved with people and posting good contents can eventually help you gain the audience.

  • Gaining third party support:

Making a presence on third party sites and claiming your profile on these sites will help you set up as a local business. Once you have reviewed well on all these sites the rest of the work will be done by your customers. Just you have to do is that you have to give them the greatest in-person experience and learn from the comments that you receive.

A modern content management system has been created with an aim to streamline the SEO services. Back-end configurations have been automatic now and coded entries are present in an interface which has been very easy to understand and update. Due to the modern system of web development the technical aspect of SEO has become much easier to understand.


The modern day SEO can just be elaborated as to make your user happy. If the user comes to your site, find what they are looking for and be happy then Google takes it into consideration and will raise your like if more people experience the same. The technical approach will help but common sense style in content writing and giving a user-friendly experience may help you increase the overall rank.

Author Bio:

Simon Hopes is a blogger who writes a number of articles on different technical topics. Here he is sharing his overview on how to choose the best SEO service providers and does modern SEO require any technical expertise.

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