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EML to MBOX Converter – Product Review

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EML to MBOX Converter is a famous product of our brand that we have. It is only valid for conversion of EML files. It is supernatural software which escorts users to switch from different EML based email clients to various platforms for MBOX files. The EML to MBOX Converter is under the section of PCVARE Solutions after evaluating the problems while converting all files from EML based entire email apps.

Whenever any fresh email app is commenced to the marketplace, it’s development team wishes for the big welcome of that email app by users. According to today’s epoch, it is too important to for any email app to acquire rapidly an enormous range of users in a very short time period. We are talking about the email client, but EML files are supported by many email clients like – Windows Mail/ Live Mail, Outlook Express, eM Client, etc. These all Eml based email apps have confined the minds of users by providing so many inconceivable features. But the reason for switching from these email clients is that – all email apps except eM Client are developed by Microsoft and after these, Microsoft has been launched many other email clients with more and more features.

On the other side, MBOX file is the most familiar file format for storing electronic messages in a mailbox. The opening of every message is pointed out by a line and a blank line is affixed in the end of the message. An MBOX is a popular format because text processing tools to store messages can be willingly on a plain text file and it is supported by various email clients like – Thunderbird, Mac Mail, The Bat, Entourage, Eudora, Turnpike, Spicebird, Netscape, Pocomail, Postbox etc.

We have gathered here to discuss about the conversion of .eml file to .mbox format but regrettably all above mentioned email clients aren’t good in supporting to each other’s files that means any of the .mbox based email client doesn’t help to store any .eml file directly. For this conversion to be done effortlessly, PCVARE EML to MBOX Converter is relevant software. This tool comes with many sophisticated functions which can be examined after using this.

Working process for conversion:

To start conversion, firstly you have to assemble all .eml files then follow the given instructions:

  1. You are permitted to add .eml files as per your need by choosing any one option.

EML to MBOX Converter 1

Add EML File (s): – This option helps to select .eml files one by one or to select multiple emails at a time press Ctrl+Click on the file.

Add Folder having EML File (s): – This option assists to select folder having all .eml files for one time conversion.

How Add EML File (s) Option Works

  • Select Add EML Files (s) Option to select files one by one

EML to MBOX Converter 2

  • Now Browse the location and select files, one by one

EML to MBOX Converter 4

  • Or to select multiple files at a time, Press Ctrl+Click on files then Click on Open Button

EML to MBOX Converter 3

Now EML files are ready to convert into .mbox file format by one by one process.

How “Add Folder having EML Files (s)” Option works

  • Select Add Folder Having EML file (s) Option to select folder which have all .eml files for conversion

EML to MBOX Converter 5

  • Now Browse the Folder Location and select EML files folder for conversion

EML to MBOX Converter 6

Now Files are ready for converting EML to MBOX

EML to MBOX Converter 7

  1. After selecting EML files, Click on Convert Messages to MBOX File Option

EML to MBOX Converter 8

3. After completion of process, the tool shows completion message in a box and click on OK.

EML to MBOX Converter 9

Software Pros:

  • The tool is able to convert files into all email clients like – Turnpike, Entourage, Eudora, Thunderbird, Pocomail, Postbox, Netscape, Mac Mail etc which are applicable to support to save .mbox file.
  • It is especially invented to save time during conversion by offering batch mode conversion option.
  • It doesn’t need to install any .eml based email client like – Outlook Express, Windows Mail/Live Mail, eM Client etc.
  • Without any limit for files, you can convert files to .mbox format.
  • It sustains EML file folder layout intact during conversion.
  • Converts not only emails but also attached items without any modification.
  • Can be run on any version of Windows OS.

Software Cons:

  • Batch mode conversion option is available only in licensed version.
  • For any OS platform, excluding Windows OS, this tool is not proper to convert files.
  • The user interface is too simple. It could be developed better.


The EML to MBOX Converter is the best solution to convert .eml files to .mbox format if you want secure and quick conversion. Anyone can use this software without requiring any technical background. It doesn’t have an effect on your any data and gives back an accurate result after conversion. At last, the EML to MBOX Converter is principally invented after seeing users’ requirements.

Author Bio:

I am Macalla Son. I am a Software Developer in an enterprise. I love to blog about my all developments so now I am blogging about my latest development an EML to MBOX Converter. It’s a magnificent tool to convert all EML emails to MBOX format.

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