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for Meetings – Review

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It is important meetings in today’s tech era should be highly efficient and focused, but this cannot be achieved without the help of technology. Tools are necessary to ease up the work and focus on the core issue.

Australian-based Imperative Software Pty Ltd has come up with a smart solution for Apple iPad users. It has launched an app that is perfect for conducting meetings virtually in real time. It is named as ‘for Meetings.’ The name itself suggests the tool is highly designed for meeting purposes.

for Meetings 1

Understanding and using the app is simple. It helps in becoming a master in just a matter of few minutes with its really helpful tips relevant to each feature. However, the tips don’t turn to be annoying as user gets complete control of it to how and when to appear.

The app is powerful and equipped with intuitive design. It is programmed to help record notes, agenda items, actions and other things easily without wasting time. Attendees of the meeting can be connected by just simply drag to the content and more than one line can be updated with a single tap. The attendees can also be visualized around a table and marked as an apology or absent as well easily.

for Meetings 2

Content can be selected by just swiping the page down from the side. Copying and deleting is also easy.


  • Content can be structured with the use of bullets and number lists
  • It is easy to record notes, agenda items, motions, actions and more such stuff on the app
  • Attendees can be dragged to connect to the content
  • More than one line can be updated with just a single tap
  • Content can be published on the app as notes, agenda or minutes
  • Meetings can be organized by using the tags
  • Meetings can also be imported from calendar
  • The current session meeting can also be used as a template
  • Searching meetings is easy. It can be searched by tags, actions, content, attendees etc
  • The common searchers can also be saved as presets and this is helpful for fast selection

Pricing & Availability

The ‘for Meetings’ app is available for free to download from Apple’s iTunes. However, it is not completely free. Users can only enjoy twenty meetings with the free version. Beyond 20 it is chargeable, but it is only a one time in-app purchase. The limit can be removed by paying $25.95. It will run perfectly only on the iPad that runs on iOS 8.0 or above.

Technical Information

According to the information available on the iTune page of ‘for Meetings,’ the app is a version 1.0 and takes 7.6 MB space to download on iPad. The rating is 4+ on the site, which mean excellent. This is true as it is a highly focused app to make conducting and attending meetings easily and smoothly as it has made use of swipe, drag and select more.


‘for Meetings’ app for Apple’s iPad is worth to use. It comes with a cool design and easy-to-use interface. Inviting to meetings, saying apologies and marking absent for non-attendees are just a click away. More to this, selecting the content, copying it or moving it is seamless. It is just a drag-drop-done feature. Publishing content is also simply a push away in the format of PDF. And of course, searching or filtering of meetings is like a layman work.

It is suggested for iPad user not to miss the opportunity of becoming the master in conducting and handling meetings with the app. At least the first 20 meetings will be enough to lure users and pay for limitless version.

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