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How the gaming industry has changed in the last decade

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The face of gaming has changed dramatically in the last ten years. We are more connected than ever before. This has had a profound effect on the gaming industry. Different technologies have been created and improved to give gamers a much better gaming experience than previous generations.

gaming industry

Graphics, sound and a better user experience

One of the most obvious improvements, in modern games is the visual and audio quality of games. Graphics and sound technologies are much better than they were ten years ago. These improvements give users a more realistic gaming experience than ever before. 3D graphics, first person perspectives and third person perspectives add to this enhanced experience for gamers who play at all levels.

More interactive gaming

Today’s games are much more interactive than previous types of games. Single and multi-player games are available. Many multi-player games can now be played with other gamers from anywhere in the world. This is a huge change to the way games were played only a few years ago.

Mobile games and apps

Games have gone mobile thanks to the availability of affordable mobile devices and mobile apps. The Google Play store, Apple store and Windows Phone store list thousands of games. Free and paid games are available for users of different types of devices. This has also changed the way games are developed. Anyone can create a mobile game cheaply and upload it to one of these mobile app stores, so it’s not just the leading games manufacturers who produce games for the mobile industry.

No cartridges or discs

In the past games were delivered through cartridges or discs. Changes in the digital world mean cartridges and discs are no longer needed for most games thanks to digital downloading and streaming features which are currently available.

Gaming has gone mainstream

Gamers come from all backgrounds. Today’s games cover a wide range of areas which attract huge numbers of people who may not have been interested in gaming in the past. Previously gaming was seen as a geeky pass time. It was often a solitary passtime but the social aspect of today’s gaming industry has changed this perception on gaming. In some cases every member of a family takes part in some type of gaming activity

More games available

A wider range of games are available for all ages and requirements. Games are being developed for all areas of our lives. As well as the usual games there are many other types available including sports games, mental games, education games and much more. This is a new development which gets more people involved in this activity.

Educating through games means parents are more likely to allow their children to play these games. Health conscious people who would never have played in the past, are now able to interact with a range of fitness games and get fit games from the comfort of their own homes. Memory games, quizzes and other games that exercise the mind have also become extremely popular in recent years, attracting gamers who would never have even contemplated gaming before.

Gaming hardware has changed and improved

The way games are physically displayed and delivered has changed in many ways over the years. Mobile, devices, TV’s and modern gaming hardware are able to provide a top class gaming experience for all types of gamers. A lot of research and development has been carried out to make games more realistic. Consoles and other gaming accessories are constantly being upgraded to provide the most realistic gaming experience possible.

Gaming communities

The gaming industry has brought many groups of like-minded people together from around the world who would not have met each other in other circumstances. Whole gaming communities have grown in recent years dedicated to specific types of games. Social media groups, forums, blogs, newsletters and offline meeting places are dedicated to these games and the people who play them. Websites like and other gaming meeting places are the perfect places to find the latest cheats for games and get tips from more advanced users.

The gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow. More people than ever are gaming, with a wider variety of games now available for all members of the family and gamers with different requirements.

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