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How To Get More Downloads of A Mobile Game

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Creating your first mobile game is exited. You may have spent many sleepless nights bringing your dream to reality. Once its completed you then realize you have to get people to download and play the game. When you release a mobile game nobody knows if it’s any good or not. You have to convince them that your game is worthwhile and will be a great addition to their current collection of mobile games. Thankfully the internet provides a wide range of websites and technologies that make it easier to get the word out about your latest creation.

Mobile Game

Upload your game to the main app stores

If you have the resources to develop the game in the main app stores, including Google Play store, Apple store and the Windows Phone store. Different groups of people prefer different types of mobile operating systems so you may need to test each one to see which one is the most successful.

Optimize your store listing

When you upload your app or game to an app store, you are allowed to include a listing. Getting your listing right is vital because mobile users will find your game based on the information you include in your listing. The listing for each game can be optimized and should include as much information as possible about your game. It should include all terms and phrases used by other people to find the type of game you have added to the app store. The app store listings also appear in search engine results. If you have included the main keywords in your listing, there is a greater change your game will be found through the search engines too.

Create a video about your game

Create a professional video that describes your game. The video is extremely important when you are advertising online. It’s easy to share and view. A successful, well made video has the potential to go viral very quickly and lead to a large number of downloads of your new game. Add the video to your listing. Then add it to YouTube. Once uploaded to YouTube, you can share it easily on social media websites, blogs, forums and through email.

Create a free and paid version of your mobile game

App stores allow free and paid versions of a game. The paid version is normally ad-free and the free version generates revenue through internal advertising. Some developers only choose one of these options. To cover a wider range of mobile gamers, upload a paid and free version of your game. Once you have developed your game, it takes very little effort to create both versions.

If you have a paid version of your game, don’t price yourself out of the market by charging too much for your game. Most people on Google Play and the Apple store are accustomed to paying very little for apps and games. Charging more than a dollar for your game will turn many would-be buyers away.

Ask people to review your game

Most gamers are interested in finding out about the latest, exciting games to hit the market. If you believe your game is top quality, ask different gamers and blog owners to test your game and give you honest feedback. Many game design blog visitors, owners and similar experts will be only too happy to share their thoughts. If the feedback is positive they will tell their audience and you can use this as a reference to give to other people who don’t know who you are.

Localise your game

English is not the only language spoken by mobile gamers. Huge numbers of customers on Google Play and the Apple store speak Chinese, Spanish and other languages. Accommodate these users by providing a translated version of your game. This can open up a whole new market, you didn’t realize existed.

Creating a new game is only half the battle when it comes to mobile game development. You then have to get people to download your new game. This can be a slow process at the start, until your game gets some momentum. However, if your game is good enough, people will play it. You just need to get the word out and use the current technologies available to let as many people as possible know about your game.

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