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Seo 2015: Techniques That Will Rule The Roost

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 For a long time, SEO remained a rocket science for those trying to woo search engine for their websites. When it looked that experts had finally decoded the mystery behind SEO, in coming algorithm updates from Google, upsetting their applecart. This is the reason it is said that SEO remains in a state of flux all the time. However, there are certain techniques that are being expected to survive and work well in this year.

seo methods 2015

Quality content will remain at the top of SEO requirements

Stuffing of keywords may have become anathema for SEO experts, but there is no doubt among experts that Google has sharpened its skills to detect good quality content. This means that you can be punished by search engines even if your content is unoriginal or lacks quality. These search engines reward websites that produce quality content on a consistent basis. With a better rank comes higher traffic and thus higher sales. Thus quality content will remain at the top of SEO methods 2015.

Pay attention to title tags

Title tags have proved to be very important in any SEO campaign for quite some time and they will continue to hold the key for a better rank from search engines. Instead of stuffing keywords in your title, make them look more like the headlines of newspapers. They should be descriptive though they need to contain the keywords. Experts say that the length of title tags should be minimum 110 characters.

Get people to talk about your brand

Google has been giving a lot of importance to what other key players in your chosen niche are saying about a particular company or website. What this means is that you should encourage others to talk about your brand on their websites or other important forums related to your chosen niche. Mention important people in your field in your blogs and you can expect the same from them provided content on your website is also high quality. Mention of brands and not follow links are being emphasized by Google these days.

Make your website mobile friendly

This is one strategy that will assume greater importance in SEO methods 2015. You will be doomed to lose out to websites that optimize themselves for mobile search. Google has already made it clear that nearly 50% of all searches are today coming from mobile device users. Unless your website becomes mobile friendly, you cannot hope to improve your ranking in 2015.

Shorten the load time of your website

People are becoming more impatient with every passing year. In 201, they are expected to close the tab and start searching another website more quickly if their preferred website does not load in a very short time. Google is also paying attention to this aspect of websites more closely. So if you do not want to lose out on revenues and ranking, make your website fast loading.

Become social to improve ranking

Google loves websites that not only have a strong presence on various social media platforms, but also interact with members and followers from time to time.

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