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The Gaming App Revolution

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Since the internet arrived in our lives, many of our daily activities have been overhauled by the digital revolution. From commerce to communication, no area of human activity has been left untouched by the power of technology to allow us a greater flexibility to enjoy a variety of tasks at our own convenience.

Gaming in particular has enjoyed the fruits of mobile technology that has helped transform this fledgling industry into a multi-billion dollar area of commerce. Whereas gamers used to have to rely upon bulky desktop computers and consoles, they can now enjoy playing a huge variety of games via apps on their digital devices.

Traditional games

A big effect of the digital revolution is to broaden the audience who play online games. Whereas gaming was, once considered to be mostly aimed at young males, mobile devices in particular allow people to play a much more diverse range of games.

Many office workers will have enjoyed the simple diversion of a game of Solitaire on their work computer, but now, thanks to the free streamlined Solitaire app, the game has been perfectly redesigned for a quick way to pass the time on the go.

Other traditional games that have enjoyed the technology boom include the casino games that can be found on the LadyLucks site. These allow players to enjoy an authentic recreation of the atmospheric casino experience by playing bingo, slots, blackjack, and even roulette all from the convenience of their mobile device.

Advanced gaming

However, for other gamers, the effects of the digital revolution have allowed us to play in new and unexpected ways. The Worms 2: Armageddon gaming app provides a great example of this, as not only can players enjoy a greater degree of tactile gaming through the touchscreen technology, but the multi-player option of the game allows you to take on an endless range of players from around the world. 

Whereas Small World 2 takes the familiar gaming style of Risk and updates it for the digital generation. Not only can you build up your own world conquering armies against a computer or online opponent, but the game’s Pass and Play mode allows up to five opponents to play on a single device.

And finally, even the simple pleasures of the archetypal shoot-em-up have enjoyed the benefits of the gaming app revolution. This can be seen in the likes of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard that displays the stunning graphics and gameplay available on mobile devices, and also can allow you to take on a digital or real opponent in a great variety of missions in this fun and violent game.

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