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WAB to PST Converter – Product Review

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Many programs have been established under the supervision. To solve arisen issues while converting Outlook Express contacts to Outlook PST format, the WAB to PST Converter is also invented by the developed company.

Developers of any new email client firstly think about to get a good range of users before launching it in market but it couldn’t be possible cause of any disadvantages or curiosity to other email apps. A time ago, a new email client Outlook Express was launched by Microsoft Foundation that was by default combined with Windows XP operating system. On the other side, Microsoft Outlook was also developed by Microsoft Foundation and has users in millions. The main reason of the curiosity to Outlook is that it is platform independent and freeware email client which is in the package of Microsoft Office Suite.

Users can easily convert emails from any edition of Outlook to upgrade version of Outlook at any platform or at any version of Windows operating system. But there would be a problem to switch from Outlook Express to Outlook with contacts while OE supports to save contacts in WAB format and Outlook doesn’t support to import any file to save in PST format.

But users are helpless to convert their Outlook Express contacts to Outlook PST format for switching from one organization to another. To solve this puzzle, WAB to PST Converter is the perfect solution for converting contacts from Outlook Express to MS Outlook PST format. It supports to convert contacts from all versions of Outlook Express and view them in any version of Outlook. This tool is based on advanced and current technologies and provides exact results with a guarantee.

Working Steps for Exporting WAB to PST

Before starting the converting process of Outlook Express Contacts to Outlook, first we collect all contacts in .wab file format. Follow the given steps to know about the process of collecting contacts in .wab format.

  • Open Outlook Express & go to Tools Menu >> Address book
  • A new Windows will be appeared there as “Address Book”, Now go to file menu >> Export Option >> Address Book WAB
  • Save Contacts at desired location.

Now to Export Outlook Express .wab Contacts into MS Outlook, convert it into .pst by using the WAB to PST Converter

1. As initial Interface is showing below the information about the software and click on Next Button.

WAB to PST Converter 1

2. As shown below, there dual options are presented to Select WAB files

WAB to PST Converter 2

  • I want to convert my default address book file – It has the ability to select WAB Contacts of Outlook Express from its default storage location. This option automatically converts address book of Outlook Express contacts to convert into .pst.
  • I want to choose my Windows Address Book file – It helps to select orphan .wab files which you have collected from different machine.

How “I want to convert my default address book file” Option Works

Select First “I want to convert my default address book file” option that will automatically select the default address book of contacts from Outlook Express. Then Click on Next button.

WAB to PST Converter 3

How “I want to choose my Windows Address Book File” Option Works

Select second “I want to choose my Windows Address Book file” Option that will help to select orphan .wab contacts, files which you have collected from another machine or location then click on next button.

WAB to PST Converter 4

Now the software is ready to convert .wab contacts.

WAB to PST Converter 5

3. Now Click on Begin Exporting Option to start the contacts conversion.

WAB to PST Converter 6

4. Select any location to save .pst File after exporting contacts.

WAB to PST Converter 7

5. Within a few seconds, the migration will be completed and the software will show you a completion message in an alert box.

Software Pros:

  • Provides dual options to convert contacts from default storage location or from user’s location that means it is also applicable to convert not only configured contacts but also orphan contacts.
  • It doesn’t apply any restriction to convert only limited accounts.
  • Converts Outlook Express contacts, groups also.
  • It generates new Unicode type PST file for all contacts.
  • Convenient with all Windows operating system versions.

Software Cons:

  • Only licensed version provides batch mode facility.
  • GUI of the tool is improvable.
  • Except Windows platform, it isn’t able to work on any platform.


The WAB to PST Converter is the best program to convert Outlook Express contacts to Outlook PST format after seeing and using all functionality of this program. It provides complete conversion by keeping 100% accuracy of the details during the whole conversion process. It is a time saving solution by giving batch mode facility to convert contacts in any number at once. At last, this WAB to PST Converter is especially originated after observing users’ requirements.

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