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Why Today’s Consumer Is Demanding Better Protection from RF Emissions

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For decades, we have been aware of the dangers of extreme or continued exposure to RF emissions, but few companies have taken the initiative to actually include protective elements into the design of their products. In recent years, with the explosion of the internet, consumers are becoming more technologically savvy and demanding higher quality products as a result.

RF Emissions

One area of concern amongst consumers is the level of electromagnetic energy they are being exposed to day after day. However, there is still a great deal of debate amongst the scientific and medical community as to which dangers are real and which are perceived. Manufacturers of electronic equipment utilizing RF communications, which is most technology today, it may bode well for you to pay heed to what consumers are looking for.

Known Dangers of RF Emissions

The most widely understood danger from RF radiation is in what is referred to as the ‘thermal effect.’ This is where exposure to RF emissions heats the body tissue to the point where the body is unable to effectively protect itself from harm. The most susceptible parts of the body are the testes and the eyes, primarily because they have fewer blood vessels to keep fluids moving quickly enough to affect cooling. However, any part of the body can suffer damage when exposed to high levels of RF waves or when exposed to RF energy over extended periods of time.

Difference between Real and Perceived Dangers

Unfortunately, there is a difference between the real dangers of RF exposure and the perceived dangers which are the result of improper education. The problem confronting many electronics manufacturers today is in dispelling worries over these perceived dangers. It is known that RF energy can cause heating of body tissues, resulting in damage, but there is no verifiable connection between RF emissions and cancer.

Yes, there is still some concern that this ‘may’ be the case and some studies under laboratory conditions have indicated that lab animals have developed tumors, but there is still inconclusive verifiable evidence that RF emissions can cause cancer in humans under normal conditions.

Ways to Ensure Consumer Safety

As a result of both real and perceived dangers, todays electronics manufacturers should take every measure possible to reassure their customer base that they have put protective measures into place. This would include proper electromagnetic shielding on devices that are used over long periods of time throughout the day each and every day. These devices would include such things as mobile phones and even laptops and tablets. By utilizing the latest technology in shielding the device such as solutions offered at Instrument Plastics, consumers will feel safer when purchasing your products.

If you think that today’s consumer isn’t aware of the dangers of exposure to RF emissions, just take a look at how successful companies with green technology have risen. By using the best protection from these potentially harmful emissions you will be telling your customers you really care about them and their future. It is true that some of their concerns are in regards to perceived dangers, but their concern is very real and should be addressed. Not only will better shielding protect them against the real dangers, but will go far in assuaging their worries over the dangers that have no basis in fact. The key is to let them know you care and have seen to more efficient shielding measures with state of the art products. Increase safety and increase sales, it’s a solution that never fails.

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