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Are Megastores The Google of Shopping?

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When you can buy a gallon of milk and a lawnmower in the same aisle, you have entered the world of mega stores. Each and every day, we as consumers are forced to make the decision of buying our eggs from a local grocery store or spending half the day and half of our paycheck to buy the eggs with a side of the trampoline.

When I think of megastores I think of Google. It’s a place where you can find all your needs simply by asking the experts and doing a little research. While some think buying in bulk is the only way to go, others may see it as a way for these stores to get you to spend more time and money on things you may not really need. I mean, who doesn’t need a gallon of mayo?


The truth is, while we can get all of our items in one easy-to-access place, things can get a bit hairy when we get the bill. While you may be saving down the road with your bucket of pickles and bathtub size of tuna fish, you do need to make sure that you are shopping at the right place for items you really need. Your budget will thank you.

It’s similar to when you do a quick search on Google. You start by searching for European vacations and click a link to a European bakery’s website where you buy a baker’s dozen of strudel. While it may be nice to purchase those chocolates, did you really need them? This is similar to the Megastore meltdown, a common day stressor that occurs when you go in for a loaf of bread and come out with a Christmas tree.

How do we fix this without compromising our shopping experience?

The easiest way to do this is to find a mega store that specializes in exactly what you need. Take ULTA for example. Offering both an online and actual store, Ulta has all things beauty and is easily considered the mega store of beauty supply. It has everything you need for all things beauty and nothing you don’t. It’s almost like the Google ad for the stores; giving you what you need without sending you somewhere you don’t.

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