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Discussion of Benefits of using SIP Phones and SIP Trunking

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What is a SIP phone?

A SIP phone is the same thing as a soft phone or VoIP phone. It is a telephone that uses VoIP technology to make calls using an IP network. Generally there are two types of SIP phones, a hardware SIP phone or a software SIP phone. A hardware SIP phone is like a common telephone on the outside, but employs hardware inside specifically made for sending and receiving communication over a broadband connection. A software SIP phone uses software to send and receive communications. This type is able to run on mobile devices and computers.

SIP Phone

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP or Session Initiation Protocol Trunking is using VoIP to make a connection of a private branch exchange or PBX and the Internet. The Internet is replacing the conventional telephone trunk and allows users to communicate with others worldwide. An IP PBX system involves one or multiple Sip phones, an IP PBX server and if required a VoIP Gateway to allow a connection to existing PSTN lines. An IP PBX server works like a proxy server. A SIP phone is registered with the IP PBX server, which establishes a connection when asked to make a call. A directory of all the users and phones, with attached SIP addresses exists within the IP PBX and thus allows the system to connect and route calls via a VoIP service provider or a VoIP Gateway.

10 Benefits to Using an IP PBX System

1 – SIP phones are more convenient and easy to use

As phone features become more advanced, many employees will struggle to grasp how to use them. Having a conference call set up or transferring calls around a network may be confusing. A SIP phone service employs an intuitive, easy to use GUI and will give an advanced overview of what is happening to calls around the network. Information about the status of inbound calls, calls on hold, call queues and the presence of all lines is easily displayed.

2 – Double the Features for Half the Price

Due to the software nature of SIP phone services, it is much easier and more convenient to add and improve on features. Generally a system will already have voice mail, ring groups, auto attendant and advanced reporting built in. These usually expensive options are free.

3 – Productivity and Customer Service

If your business is utilizing an IP PBX system from a SIP service provider, you can deliver enhanced customer service to your customers. A prime example of this is when an inbound call arrives, the system automatically pulls up that customers record and information, saving time and cost.

4 – Ease of Install and Configuration

Due to the system being software based, any proficient network computer specialist can maintain the system. Normally, in traditional phone systems a specialist trained specifically for your system must be present.

5 – Easy to Manage an IP PBX System

Again, the system is managed and adjusted through software or a web-based GUI, which allows extremely easy and quick adjustments. Regular phones systems are to be used only by trained technicians.

6 – Cost Savings

Your business can save big on communications using a VoIP service provider to make international and long distance calls. This is compounded for business with branch offices or a large network of employees and customers. The need for travel and the time it takes is significantly reduced.

7 – Scalable

A regular proprietary phone system is very hard to upgrade and is thus easily outgrown by your business. The addition of extra lines requires more hardware, more wiring, and a specialist technician to do the job. The same is not true for a VoIP system, where the same person who manages the system just makes a few changes in the GUI and your modifications are complete. All you need is another physical phone and you have another huge cost saver.

8 – No More Phone Wiring

Software phones are installed directly on computers, and can be shared across multiple workstations. This means that phone wiring is eliminated and adding or taking away lines is hassle free.

9 – Don’t Be Locked into a Vendor

An IP PBX phone system is based on the open SIP standard. This allows for mixing and matching of hardware and software with any SIP, PSTN or VoIP provider. Regular phone systems are often dependent on same manufacturer items to work properly.

10 – Enables Hot Desking and Roaming

This system enables your workforce to easily move locations to suit the task they are working on. Basically the employee just takes a phone to the new location or uses a software phone directly from his/her laptop while on the go. All the information kept within the system follows as well. This is not possible with a regular phone system.

In conclusion, investing your business in an IP PBX system is the way to go for any business looking to purchase a phone system. For SIP Trunk Canada, an example of a recommended provider is Broadconnect Telecom, who offer all the SIP Trunking and communication needs for your business. Check out the website or give them a call for more information about a software-based VoIP phone system that’s perfect for your business.

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