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Essential Features of the Partition Manager Software tool

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The Microsoft Windows operating system software has seen several up-gradations, refinements over a span of time. The newer versions of the system software are undoubtedly more advanced when compared to their primitive counterparts. In the most recent version of the Windows OS that is Windows 10 and it is recommended to use disk partition management tool. The usefulness of this tool is that it allows extending the system partition. It also resolves issues pertaining to low space. It manages the disk space quite conveniently on GPT and MBR disks.

Partition Manager

The key features of the disk partition manager

The free disk partition manager utility is useful for home users.

  • Operating systems like the Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 supports the software.
  • The tool is multilingual implying that it supports more than one language.
  • There are websites where the customers can download such software tools for use.

Partition manager solution

Many users are confronted with the issue of partitioning their hard disk drive. If the HDD contains data, then it is required to format it prior to partitioning. An effective formatting tool in this regard is the partition manager solution. The tool has three vital functions. They include as follows:

  • Partition manager
  • Partition recovery Wizard
  • Partition copy Wizard

What makes the new version 10.8 so different from the earlier versions?

  • The user can safely convert a system disk from MBR to GPT.
  • The newer version is devoid of certain issues which were there in the earlier versions.
  • It is compatible with the Windows 10 system software.

The Windows 10 disk-management tool

One can check online using the search keyword windows 10 disk management software is available online. It has a number of features. Using the software, the computer user can create, format, wipe, split, merge or remove/resize partitions to make the most appropriate use of the hard disk space.

  • Resizing or moving partitions without the loss of data enhance the performance of the computer system.
  • There is the availability of a tool that converts the FAT to the NTFS file system.
  • The partition recovery wizard has the ability to recover deleted, lost partitions from the space that is unallocated.
  • Data can easily be converted from the MBR to GPT disk, and vice versa without any loss of it.
  • The tool supports up to 16 terra bytes of GPT disk.
  • If there are two adjacent partitions, then among the feature, same merging of them can be done without any loss of data.
  • One can clone windows 10 to SSD without any re-installing the operating system software.
  • Whenever there is a requirement to convert the primary partition to logical ones, then the tool is quite useful.
  • There is the availability of wiping disk facilities to permanently remove sensitive data that is there on the disk.

The advanced edition of the partition manager tool that can be considered as disk management software is a premium product and is available on e-commerce portals. All the features are provided in detail so that interested customers do not have any issue in comprehending the functionality of the tool. The prices of the tool are also specified. There are options available for free trials on the part of the potential customers.

Special Offers

There are special offers available with the tool. To avail these offers, one requires visiting the relevant websites and checking for the same. Besides, other features include, 30 days money-back guarantee option, protected transaction feature, and reliable customer service facility that is available round the clock seven days a week.

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