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How Companies Should Prepare for the Holiday Season

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The winter holidays are a great time for companies to push forward and grab market share. In fact, some businesses use the profits that they earn during this vital time period in order to stay afloat year-round.

To help your company prepare for the all-important holiday season, we’ve compiled some practical tips. Use one or all of them in order to entice customers (and polish your PR) this upcoming holiday season…

holiday e-card

Create a Direct Email Campaign – You may already be using email in order to connect with your customers. If so, you’re doing what’s best for your business. However, the holidays offer the opportunity to reach out in a whole new way!

One smart strategy is to send e-cards to your customers, via email.

These holiday-themed cards should be secular and they should wish your clients all of the best during the holidays. It’s best to avoid being too promotional with e-cards – they should function simply as expressions of good cheer. Unless you’re selling religious products, you should avoid any religious symbolism – it’s easy to avoid it simply by choosing cards with winter scenes and “Happy Holidays” lettering.

There are tons of fun e-cards to choose from, so you won’t be limited. It’s wise to check the world’s premier e-card producers in order to find designs which complement your company’s image. Some e-cards are free and others are available for a price. Even the ones that you need to pay for should be very affordable and therefore be a great investment in customer outreach during the holidays.

E-cards are Eco-friendly

Since these cards don’t waste any trees, they are planet-friendly greetings which appeal to a lot of people. Opening and viewing them is as easy as clicking a computer mouse or touching a link on a smart phone or iPad screen! Send them to clients and also send them to your valued team members in order to say “Happy Holidays” the modern and eco-conscious way!

You may augment an e-card campaign by sending out another email which details your holiday deals and “hot picks”. A lot of people aren’t sure what to buy and your email may give them welcome direction and focus. So, do shoot for a one-two punch of a holiday e-card and a special promotion/hot picks email.

One final tip is to get your holiday special offers, promotions and hot picks, organized before you select e-cards and draft your holiday emails. This streamlined approach will allow you to roll out your holiday direct email campaign in a smooth and seamless fashion!

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