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Letting the Sales Flow In With LiquidBoss

Posted In Webmaster - By Techtiplib on Saturday, October 17th, 2015 With 1 Comment

In this day and age of Internet, a website is important in starting a business, no matter what the size of the latter is. This is because, the Internet has made it possible for majority of consumers to flock online for the best deals, products. It helps that the Internet is readily available to most people, something that business owners can take advantage of. Enter LiquidBoss, an online platform that allows clients to easily create their own online store in a matter of minutes; and that, even if you do not have any background on how to design websites.


Website in Minutes!

LiquidBoss knows that most viewers opt for livelier, funkier websites, which is why they are offering fully customizable sites for clients who may want more web presence. Designing a website has never been this easy because LiquidBoss offers an interface that provide users with steps on how to create a website. That being the case, you can easily get your online store up and running in minutes! Easy PayPal Integration For most small businesses who would like to make it to the online world, finding the right payment processor or gateway can be a challenge, and can be quite expensive. It does not help that most online buyers would rather go with credit cards. Fortunately for smaller businesses, there is way to handle this – PayPal. PayPal provides an affordable and practical way of sending and receiving payment. What makes PayPal a hit among business owners is the fact that it can also process credit card payments. Now, with LiquidBoss, using PayPal as your payment processor is no problem as the platform allows for easy integration. How easy? You only need to input your PayPal email address and you are good to go.

Easy as 1-2-3

While most website design platforms would call for hours and hours of uploading pictures, creating product descriptions and tweaking settings, LiquidBoss lets you design your website in five easy steps. First, you need to input store name, your store’s email address, and your personal details. At this stage, you would also be asked about your PayPal email address.

Once all the details of your company has been set, you can now choose which template you are going to use. There is a multitude of themes that you can choose from depending on the kind of store that you want to have. Once you have chosen you would be directed to the next step where you can tweak the design of the store; a couple of clicks more and you would be able to upload the products that you want to feature in your website. When done, you just need to click the finish button, and your site has already gone live.

The Verdict

At $29.00 per month, LiquidBoss is already one of your best choices when it comes to creating a basic online store in a flash. It does not require a deep understanding of coding and web design, which means you can publish your website on your own. That being the case, it is more recommended, therefore, for those who do not have much skill when it comes to the nitty-gritty of web design. For seasoned designers, however, the platform may feel like a bit restrictive and might not offer the same flexibility that a hosted online store CMS might have.

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