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New Directions in Call Center Services

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The past few years have seen a few additions to the types of services that call centers are able to offer their clients. Instead of just making outbound calls or receiving inbound calls, chat services embedded in websites have taken over as a more popular form of getting sales or technical support while online. Part of the reason that chat has become so popular is that if it is available, customers tend to use it and then go on to making a higher degree of sales purchases than if it is not available at all.
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Here are some of the better, new options for clients that are looking at using call center services.
Geolocation tied to mobile push: If a customer is using a mobile application that is yours or you are advertising through a mobile application, you can tailor your ad to customers that are on the go and then push mobile advertisements to them when they draw near to your retail or wholesale locations. The beauty of adding a link to call center support or services here is that they are normally using their smart phone- so they can click and automatically dial you with questions. You could also use a chat link so that they can text you any questions that they have about the product. With Geolocation making your advertising or alerts timely to the customer, you should be able to increase both the relevancy of your advertising and the sales closure rate.
Back office: In the past, inbound calling centers either served as a functioning customer service or an order center. Today, with the advent of much more portable business processes, customers are likely to demand a stronger approach. is one example of a company that offers complete business office services as a back office for your operation, making it unnecessary for you to do anything except provide your information so that they know where to route the calls that you want to come to you and your employees directly. As the market is quite competitive, most firms offer back office services at reasonable rates.
Customer service upgrades: If you want to be successful online, it is obviously important to communicate with your clientele as soon as they connect to you. Well-run call centers have mastered the art of charging competitive rates, while still meeting your service levels. One of the key upgrades of the past few years has been an addition of staff that can speak more than one language. With a bilingual staff in Spanish, English, Chinese, and other languages, it will allow you to plan your marketing campaigns for more than one country at a time and leverage the synergy that comes with scale.
Call center companies are continuing to grow in terms of the number of companies that they are present in. Planning your services and using the right partners is the surest way of ensuring that your programs are successful.

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