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Add A Website To Chrome Web Store

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This article guides you how to add a website to Chrome Web Store. You should read the article Why we should add a website to Chrome to clarify the benefits of adding your websites to the Chrome Web Store!

add a website to Chrome

Step 1: Preparation

Please prepare the following documents before start the adding:

  1. Verified owner in Google Webmaster Tools for the website that you want to add in the Chrome web store. Or you can do it now: verify.
  2. Create an icon for your website with details:
    • Name: icon_128.png
    • Size: 128×128 pixel
    • Format: PNG
  3. A description about your web site: maximum 16,000 characters and you should try to be brief but specific.
  4. Prepare 2 screenshot with sizes: 1280×800 or 640×400.
  5. Prepare Add promotional images with sizes:
    • Small: 440×280
    • Large: 920×680
    • Marquee: 1400×560
    • Note: the promotional images will attract user to click then add the app to their Chrome.
  6. Create a new ZIP file named which includes: icon and manifest.json file. Please read how to create manifest.json file:

Use notepad to copy and edit the following code, then save as: manifest. jason

  "name": "Great App Name",
  "description": "Pithy description (132 characters or less, no HTML)",
  "version": "",
  "manifest_version": 2,
  "icons": {
    "128": "icon_128.png"},
  "app": {
    "urls": [
    "launch": {
      "web_url": ""

Note: You have to change the NAME (no more than 45 characters) and DESCRIPTION (not more than 70 characters), as well as URLS and WEB_URL

“web_url” – Specifies the page that the browser shows when a user launches the app.

“urls” – Specifies the starting URLs of all other web pages that are in the app.

In this example, both and would be in the app. You don’t need to specify the URLs for included files or for assets such as images. Currently, the domain name must be followed by at least one character (“/”).

Once you have the zip file ready you can continue with the steps below:

Step 2: Add A Website To Chrome Web Store

  1. Go to and login with your Google account
  2. You have to pay $5 for the fee to add your app. Once you have completed the payment you can continue next steps
  3. Click the ADD NEW ITEM button
  4. Click the CHOOSE FILE button and select the ZIP (
  5. Click the UPLOAD button to finish the upload process
  6. Write the description, upload the icon file, screenshots and promotional images, select category
  7. You can also add your Google Analytics ID
  8. Finally, click the PUBLISH CHANGES button and it will take 24 hours for reviewing and approval your web app


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