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How Big Data Analysis Is Changing Technology

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Companies and services have always stored information regarding their transactions, customer feedback and financial transactions – this kind of information is what helps businesses develop and improve. Now that technology allows storage in a virtual rather than physical sense, much larger data sets can be kept and considered. Moving to online trading opens up a whole new world of information capturing, with the potential to capture every conversation, interaction and sale. Big data forms this overall mass of information that comes into businesses and services, and those who can analyze the data can learn new things about their users.

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What changes is big data use making?

Machine learning algorithms are becoming increasingly intelligent, so unstructured and multi-structured data such as images and web logs can now be analyzed by robots. “Big data is a collection of data from traditional and digital sources inside and outside your company that represents a source for ongoing discovery and analysis,” writes Forbes’ Lisa Arthur. Making best use of that data and using it to drive new features and services is the best way to stay ahead of the crowd and to deliver the very best interactive service to all users.

Which leading names are making best use of big data?

When it comes to online interactions, social media companies are some of the biggest names embracing the use of big data for further development. Two of the biggest social networks, Facebook and Pinterest, have both announced changes to their services which have been initiated by big data findings and made possible by technological advances. Now that machines can learn from the data they collect, search features can be extended to give a much more personalized service.

Pinterest’s site robots can now learn image features based on the billions of pins already added by users. Those similarities can then be identified in other images and returned to the user. Small details in pictures can be zoomed in on and used as the basis for a new search.

Facebook is also using the data it holds to improve face recognition and encourage more picture sharing. Users can now be prompted through Messenger to upload pictures out of their camera reel if the faces of friends are identified in them. Other sites are also getting in on the act. Twitter uses big data analysis to provide users with more insightful timeline news.

How effective is big data?

Analysis of such large datasets is still new, so be prepared to adapt as you go. You might uncover surprising information about your business or its users, and need to adapt to fit the demands of consumers. Get creative and you could spot trends that you never considered before. The challenges of wide analysis of user data include the time and the cost, but programming breakthroughs are giving us better analytical capabilities than ever before. Take a look at the big picture and then break down specific trends from there – don’t fall into the trap of following one theory and missing the rest of the data’s findings. A special thanks to the team at Frugaa for taking time and sharing this interesting article.

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