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Lost in Reefs: Antarctic Invites Players on a Search for an Ancient Civilisation

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Rumbic Studio announces the release of Lost in Reefs: Antarctic (PC, OSX), a challenging and gripping match3 game. Dedicated players who enjoyed the previous Lost in Reef adventures will be delighted to find a smart plot, handsome animation and diversity of obstacles, trophies and bonuses.

Players complete match3 levels that are getting progressively more complicated, earn resources and gradually excavate an ancient city of a powerful civilization. In the end of the game an entire page of the history from the fantastic era when dragons lived close by the humans will be revealed!

Lost in Reefs

The new game is engaging and keeps the player´s attention with its time-limited levels. The challenge is increasing dramatically, as the further level progression depends not only on a pure fact of passing the previous one, but on the amount of points obtained. If a player reaches the top result and becomes awarded with all three stars, a more sophisticated, moves-limited option becomes available. Although only one star is enough to pass, a perfectionist player is able to return and go through a level again to improve his or her results any time.

A level is considered complete when all golden tiles under the items are blown up within the time limit. Meanwhile the obstacles like chains, wooden boxes and walls might remain untouched, but they affect the amount of points gained for this level. Special trophies are awaiting those who are able to complete level and set up time record.

With every level completed, a new part of the ancient city covered by the sea in Antarctica will be revealed. The archeological works should be sponsored with sources generated at the game, so the better the results, the quicker the works go.

Apart from the challenging time limit set up for each task, every level becomes more and more complicated, with new obstacles and sophisticated shapes of the game board trying to prevent the player from raising the ancient city from the ruins.

To complete the mission and see the entire city restored object by object, a player should complete over 100 levels. There will be a plenty of useful bonuses and features to help. The diverse forms and shapes of game figures, from square to hexagonal, that already became a special feature of the game, won´t let a player get bored. The relaxing music and sound effects create the atmosphere of romantic adventure and invite the players to a bright and engaging journey.

Pricing and availability

The game is available for PC and OSX (iOS coming soon) for the price of $9.99.


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