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Order Your Lunch Easily With Allset for iOS

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The Allset-order-sit-down-lunches app for iOS is created by the Allset Technologies, Inc. The tech savvy individual can download and use the apps to order for lunches from restaurants. It is completely free for you to use.

lunches app

The description of the application

Many a times, we are interested to order meals right from our comfort zone. This is due to the commercial benefits of e-commerce websites. Nowadays, transactions have simplified significantly because of online commercial portals. The online commerce has made it easy for you to order meals from websites of restaurants.

By using the application the user can enjoy

  • Delicious Meals

This app can be used to order delicious meals from menus of restaurants that are located in close proximity to you.

  • Timely Service of the Meals

The customer can expect to avail the timely service so far as this application is concerned.

  • Seamless Payment

There is a payment handling facility, embedded in the app. Therefore, processing customer requests, making online payments via the concerned app is quite easy.

How it works?

There are three vital steps to the functioning of the application.

  1. There are a number of choices, so far as restaurants are concerned in the app. The customer using the application requires selecting the restaurant from where he prefers to make an order. From the menu corresponding to the restaurant the customer requires to add the meals and then tap view order.
  2. The next step is to make a booking of the table or order a takeout. After doing that you require tapping send the order.
  3. Some customers can pre-order their lunch and then they arrive at the restaurant, get seated and have served their meals on time.

The new version of the software that is Version 1.0.5 support payment cards like American Express, Dinners Club, and Discover.

The compatibility of the software

The app requires IOS 8.0 or later operating system to run properly. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Other features of the application include the following:

  • The app falls under the food and drinks category
  • Its version is 1.0.5
  • The language is English

You can see more information and the latest updated features of the app on AppStore. Therefore, if there is any ambiguity regarding the functioning of the application, then the customer can refer to the website. The information provided there certainly helps in understanding more about the working of the application.

The app is quite popular and as it is conveniently available from the web, more and more people are exhibiting interests in using it. To download the software, the user requires opening the iTunes to buy and make the download. This helps to download the application from the relevant websites.

Owing to the availability of a number of features, the application is popular among the users. More and more people prefer using the software to make a booking for lunches. It is well known that Apple has a brand value that cannot be denied and it is observed that most of the apple products are reliable. In the e-commerce website, besides the product that is mentioned, users like investing in a range of other software items that may be from categories different from the food and drinks category.

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