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Salient Features about the Start App for Lock Screen that runs on Android Platforms

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For users using the Android TM, the Start is the best Android app that turns the lock screen in a beautiful and smart home screen. The Start makes your phone more organized and personalized. Simultaneously, it helps to improve the security and privacy of the smart phone.

What are the things you can do with the app?

You can get access to the contacts, applications, and all your multimedia content. You get to know about the latest weather forecasts, news as well as notifications from different social media networks with the software. There are a number of lock themes that are available and one can choose a stunning lock theme. The phone user can make interactive wallpaper and many more items without having to unlock the phone.

Important Features of the App

The Start application is quite popular. Many people globally have used this app to improve their Android application. With the app for lock screen, it is possible to control mobile security as well as privacy. To ensure the security and confidentiality of the phone, you can lock the main screen using the Start app. To prevent hacking of your phone by the strangers, it is vital to select the Lock-PIN-code or then secure unlock. The app allows quick access to all important items. Searching is simplified with the app.

The app is helpful in finding everything that is required within a matter of seconds. Starting from web search, opening an app, viewing notifications, checking missed calls or emails are all very much simplified with this software. The user can do all this stuff almost instantly. A user can choose a beautiful and stylish wallpaper. He can personalize the phone using background images, wallpapers. There are a variety of wallpapers available online and the computer user can choose the wallpaper according to his taste and preference.

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Product Description

So far as the description of the product is concerned, they are mentioned as follows:

  • The products let you know about the news and weather report from Russia
  • The application shortcuts help to access the notifications and applications directly from the lock screen
  • There is the facility of easy navigation.
  • The user can just swipe across the screen and make calls, send messages, take photos, run applications view images, listen to music, etc.
  • There is the camera feature.
  • The smart search feature helps to search for contacts and applications.
  • The feature helps searches the web without having to unlock the phone.
  • There is the standard voice search facility.
  • The notification manager is yet another important feature of this app.
  • Funny polls feature.
  • Interested customers can get to know more about the application on following latest news.

What is new with the app?

  • The versioning is v4.4.6
  • The app is built keeping in consideration the compatibility update Android Marshmallow (v6.0)
  • The Start app comes with a cool gift inside it. The user can get a new cool application almost daily.
  • There is the enhanced search facility embedded in the application allowing the app users to search for contacts, apps, and perform web searches.
  • The new alarm widget displays the next scheduled alarm.
  • The user can alter the configuration of the widget. He can hold and drag the widget and change its position.
  • There are provisions available in the app to do bug fixing and enhancements.


The app has a number of interesting features that make it so exciting among smart Phone users. The Google Play store has this app in it. Interested users can take a look into the details concerning the software prior to investing in it.

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