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GetResponse vs AWeber: Which Is Best For Your Online Marketing?

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E-mail marketing newsletters are you first and foremost tool for communicating with your subscribers. As an online marketer you would and should always strive for the best email experience for your subscribers. Creating attention grabbing emails that make one click is not an easy task at all. Apart from creativity and uniqueness in creating the mail, result analysis and targeting the right audience is necessary for getting the best result. Here a great email marketing software has no equal.

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In this post we’ll review GetResponse and Aweber, the two foremost email marketing software to find out the best one for your business.

When you are comparing two email marketing software, the three major criteria are Features, Pricing and Customer Support. Here we’ll do the same.

Let’s start!


Be it an easy to use email creator or a comprehensive result analysis tool, the features the software offers is the first thing to review.


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You’ll be actually mesmerised by the various features that this software offers. No wonder, GetResponse has the largest market share in the email marketing segment.

  • GetResponse provides a unique easy to use editor. Even if you are a novice you can create awesome emails simply by inserting designing elements such as texts, Pictures, Charts etc by drag and drop method.
  • The software providesa collection of 500 ready to use themes that you can employ in your newsletters. Simply tweak the template a bit and insert your content and it is good to go. You can also add vibrancy in your emails by add any of the 1000 free images from GetResponse archive.
  • If you are a pro marketer and want to have a unique layout of your own, then GetResponse can offer that as well. The software allows you to work on the HTML coding and create your own email layout.
  • The true strength of the software lies in its extensive result analysis. GetResponse uses the celebrated A/B testing methods to generate the most comprehensive result for your campaign.
  • Recently the social media integration function was added to the software. So, now the newsletters enable data sharing on all major social media.
  • The responsive email design lets you email adjust according to the viewing platform. So, now your newsletters will look their best on PC, smart phone, tablets etc.
  • The recently added webinar facility let you embed even video communication in your marketing e-mails. This way you can broadcast to your subscribers direct through their inbox.
  • The software offers a great auto-responder feature that sends follow up emails to your unopened mails, greeting to your subscriber on birthday, anniversary etc.
  • Managing your list of contacts through GetResponse is the easiest job. You can manage, import, and add any new list with simply one click.
  • Apart from these the software also helps you create a great landing page, offers inbox preview and uses a strict anti spam policy to increase your reach.


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When it comes to features, AWeber is no less rich in offering helpful and innovative ones. Though a new entry compared to GetResponse, the software has already created a large customer base thanks to its great feature.

  • The software offers a great ‘email automation platform’ that can virtually set your entire campaign on auto pilot mode. You can simply tweak the setting according to your preference, and Aweber will keep in touch with your subscribers after regular intervals by sending some relevant newsletter. This feature saves you a great deal of time and lets you concentrate on other more pressing matters.
  • The email editor provided by AWeber is a breeze to use. You can simply drag and drop your contents and create an attractive newsletter in no time. Also the software offers over 700 templates for you to work on and have an array of great images on its archive that you can use.
  • The AWeber App showcase is another great feature to boost of. Through this you can integrate your social media and allied apps with your email newsletter and create a more holistic marketing campaign. Presently the software provides full integration with Facebook, WordPress, Leadpage and Paypal.
  • The software helps you create a great landing page and subscriber forms. This way you can generate more traffic and add to the mailing list. The software also provides subscribers’ activity analysis and thus offers complete subscriber management.
  • The AWeber app is another great feature for you, if you are tech-savvy marketer. The software app can be installed on your smart phone or iPhone and through this you can get all your campaign details and result analysis on your finger tip.
  • The software provides you with a complete email tracking report with the number of mails opened, number of clicks generated and finally the number sales made.


Pricing is important for any business decision. One needs to make sure to get the best possible price for the best services around. Also in case of email marketing software, one needs to be completely satisfied on ROI. Thus it is better to go for one that offers you a flexible purchase option.


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  • GetResponse offers a varied and the most reasonable pricing plans for your business. While the plans start from as low as $15 per month, you can always upgrade the services according to your requirement.
  • You can also avail the one month free trail, in case you want to have a hands on experience first and pay latter.


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  • The software comes with two pricing categories, Standard Pricing and High Value Pricing.
  • The standard pricing starts from as low as $19 per month.
  • You can also use the 30 days free trail before making the purchasing decision.

Customer Support:

When you are using email marketing software, customer support is of utmost importance. Even though features and pricing are considered one should always go for software that offers maximum customer support.


Even though the software has a track record of 0 downtime, GetResponse boosts of a great support team.

  • GetResponse provides 24*7 supports to its customers.
  • The support team is knowledgeable and helpful.
  • Get Response provides a number of easily downloadable video guides for their customers to understand various nuances of the software.

A Weber

A Weber also has itself a name for providing great customer support.

  • A Weber offers free tutorial videos and tutorials to educate and inform its customers.
  • Shares a number of How-to videos through their website to help customers use the software in a easier manner.
  • Provides a dedicated customer support team.

Who wins?

As you can see, it is really a tough call between GetResponse Vs AWeber.

Both the software has some great features, boost of awesome customer support and offers reasonable pricing plans. But GetResponse offers the most extensive campaign reports that have no rival. And as a marketer there is nothing more important to you than understanding the ROI of your campaign. Even though AWeber offers some cool technological upgrades and app integration.

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Simon Hopes is renowned author and professional blogger. He recommends GetResponse because of their extensive result analysis and impeccable performance records.

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