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iPhone 6S Vs Samsung Galaxy S6: which is the best Smartphone

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The apple iPhone 6s may have been lately presented to the world surrounded by exciting features and undoubtedly never seen specifications, however that doesn’t provide Apple an instant right to get to control the smart phone market over the next quarter.

Granted, the technological requirements that deliver with the Apple iPhone 6s go over as is the physical appearance of the device- a design that we know reverberates with customers due to it being proven by the appeal of the apple iPhone 6. But just what about competing device like Samsung’s Galaxy S6?

iPhone 6S

Both Samsung’s Galaxy S6 as well as Apple’s iPhone 6S are magnificently designed which is so much catchy. As a result of its “S” generational advancement in the smartphone technology, Apple’s iPhone 6S borrows a lot of its physical appearance from its predecessor iPhone 6, delivering with an almost identical steel body, but there is no issue related to bending issue which was a burning topic when iPhone 6 and 6+ were released.

Samsung’s Galaxy S6, on the other hand, has a mix of aluminium alloy and also glass body to capture the attention of customers. It gives S6 a shiny look. Favoring one physical design over an additional is really a tailored decision, yet both devices are without a doubt lovely.

Apple’s iPhone 6s includes a 4.7-inch Retina HD display screen, with a 1334 x 740 pixel resolution serving up 326 PPI. Naturally, there’s also the addition of 3D Touch innovation that opens the device up to an entire new variety of possibilities. It’s primarily a pressure sensitive display screen that can sense three different levels/pressure of touch. Right here’s how 3D Touch in Apple iPhone Sixes works-

After the screen, consumers are generally interested in merely just how much processing power their package ships with. As we already recognize, the Galaxy S6 packs an octa-core CPU comprising a quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 as well as a quad-core 2.1 GHz Cortex-A57. There’s likewise 3GB of RAM together with the awesomely build a phone. The Apple’s latest Apple iPhone is fitted with its own Apple A9 64-bit processor, which has the M9 activity coprocessor built in. The iPhone 6s has actually been verified to ship with 2GB of RAM, and as we have actually been revealed over and over again.


The iPhone 6s runs on iOS 9 which is pre-installed on it. The Samsung Galaxy S6, obviously, provides the latest final version of Android Lollipop. Features as well as functionality within each platform are extremely well furnished for all apps and processing.


This is a little more difficult. While the specs inform us that Galaxy S6’s 2550mAh implies far better battery than apple iphone 6s’s 1715mAh, in real world use though, it will be one more tale entirely. Galaxy S6’s Quad HD display as well as TouchWiz software reportedly offers worse battery time than also its predecessor. Apple on the other hand, claims that new battery management in iOS 9 and also the battery reliable A9+M9 chip suggests apple iphone 6s offers same battery time as iPhone 6 regardless of having 200mAh much less battery capability.

According to Apple, apple iphone 6s is capable to provide 14 hours of talk time, 10 days of standby, 10 hours of LTE or 3G uses as well as 11 hrs of WiFi use. Samsung does not provide any official battery time stats for battery in Galaxy S6.


Both gadgets ship with incredible cameras. It’s as simple as that. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 serves up a stunning 16-megapixel rear shooter with 4K video recording. With that said, that’s basically all it is– an actually polished and qualified camera. The apple iphone 6s, on the various other hands, could have a 12-megapixel module, but it provides the option of Live Photos, which basically suggests that every image taken is also saved as an extremely short video clip that should be utilized as wallpaper. And when it comes to video clips, the apple iphone 6S is also with the ability of capturing videos in 4K.


This is where we can discover a number of people actually splitting off towards Apple or Samsung. Apple’s iPhone 6s starts at $649 for SIM-free, unlocked, 16GB variation in Space Gray, Silver, Gold or Rose Gold color options. Samsung’s Galaxy S6, on the other hand, is slightly more affordable (after the current price drop), starting at around the $576 for a SIM-free alternative readily available in four various shade options as well.

Both handsets look wonderful. Both devices are undoubtedly effective and also must have the ability to handle most modern-day Smartphone tasking. Both featured biometric finger print detection as well. Android or iOS? Apple or Samsung? Attempted as well as tested or brand-new to the marketplace? Maybe the similarity 3D Touch as well as Live Photos seals the bargain for you? Or possibly you prefer Quad HD screen as well as cordless charging in Galaxy S6? The choice is all yours.

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