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Link Building For E-commerce Without Using Content

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Generally, when we think of deploying e-commerce SEO, the first thing strikes to our mind is creating the quality content and get it published to the blogging website or other. The quality content has the capability to boost the value of the website and entice the visitors to come on the site.

Unfortunately, creating only the quality content will not pay enough value to your e-commerce website. Instead, there are other white hat SEO approaches that can help your website gain maximum potential visitors (who can optimize the conversion rate) without using content. Now, you might be wondering that how can anyone without the use of content can build a link. Don’t worry! This blog covers the step by step process to build quality back-links in minimum time and ensure positive outcome.

Let’s have a glimpse below and know more about the systematic process to build qualitative back-link:

  1. Research Well To Find Expired or Moved On Website In Your Niche    

It is known that every website owner wants to provide value to their customers through the website, so that the customers come again and again. What happens, if the content is having a link that directs to a particular website which stops working or expired; then, with time, the value of the content will automatically deplete and the concerned site owners or administrators will never want so. In order to boost the value, they have to update the link to a functional website as early as possible.

Link Building 6

Thus, it can be a great chance for you to ask to the administrator to publish the link that will direct to your concerned web page. For this, you need to first find out the websites in your niche that have been closed or moved on to other domains, so that you can find their backlinks. After finding the quality backlink, you can ask the administrators to publish your link there.

Now the question is, how is it possible to find the expired or closed websites related to particular niches in a minimum time. Here are few strategies that can assist you well.

  • Taking Help Big Domain Auction Website

When the websites are expired, they are picked up by the big domain sites for auction, such as NameJet, GoDaddyAuction,, etc. These auction websites basically choose and organize the website on the basis of number of quality backlinks, traffic and other standard factors.

Link Building 5

Among them, the can streamline the way to dig well in order to find out the suitable website. It comes with 2 imperative metrics, including DP (domain popularity), which states the number of domains linking to the particular the website and PR (that tells the quality of domain that are linking).

  • Search At Google News

Google News is like a tressure trove of information, where you can also find out dead or moved on businesses’ sites. But here, you need to add following query strings + “type of business” to spot the site:

  1. “Chapter 7” (Chapter 7 means the company dissolved. Chapter 11 means the company is restructuring)
  2. “Business closes”
  3. “Has closed”
  4. “Out of business”
  5. “Bankruptcy”
  6. “Rebrands as”

For example, suppose you want to find out the store that are closed, then you just need to type

has closed” + “store”

Link Building 4

and then you will get the result. The “Chapter 7” string is used for the companies that are dissolved. Besides the type of business, you can add the name of place, if you are looking to optimize for local SEO.          

  • Explore Yelp To Find Local Businesses

Yelp, being known for providing review and contact detail of the local business, it can be of great help for you to find the closed business in the local. When the business is closed, Yelp updates its database and displays that the business is closed and if that business has the website, then it shows that too.

For using Yelp, you just need to type the below given query in the search bar of the search engine: intitle:closed city + business type

Link Building 1

  • Search Parked Pages

It is one of the best methods to search the parked web pages, or the web pages that are for sale by domain service providers. You just need to type the following query and then you will witness the list of pages that are for sale by the specific domain service provider.

Parked GoDaddy sites that are for sale=>

“This page is parked FREE, courtesy of godaddy.COM” + “domain is for sale”

Link Building 3

Niche-specific opportunities with the search string=>

“domain is for sale” + inurl:keyword

Most of the results will look like this

  1. Identify Sites Having Links Directing To Expired Websites

Now, it’s the time to find out the website having links directing to those outdated websites that you have identified in the first step. For this, you have to take help of Majestic SEO, Open Site Explorer, and Ahrefs. With the help of these tools, you can easily filter the most authoritative domains. These tools just need the URL of the expired website and, then return the list of the topmost websites that are associated with that expired website through the backlink.

Link Building 2

Along with this, there is another way to find out the link building opportunities, but this is possible only if the outdated website is a brand name of the organization. There are many websites that mention the brand name without any link. In order to find these kinds of sites, you just need to enter the brand name in the search bar and you will get the web pages that have mentioned that brand.

  1. Send Email & Request To Get Links

After finding the web pages that are connected to the outdated websites with backlinks, you have to send email to the website owners and let them know about the outdated links in their websites. Your email should be short and simple; it should mention the broken link and the link that you want to be placed in place of broken link, so that it will be easy for them to adjust the link. Have a glimpse over the format


In your esteemed trekking backpack review page, there is a broken link “www.”.

The trekking backpack is now available at “”.

Thanks & Regard.

 This will ease for the administrators to check out the broken link in their website and modify it.  

Closing Thought

Hopefully, this step by step process will help you build links for your e-commerce website successfully and open up a gateway to a new source of revenue for your business. If you want to share your view regarding this blog, then you are most welcome to write to us via comment section below.   

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