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Social Media Influence in Your Content Marketing Strategy

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If you’re doing or intend to do any content marketing, you should know that you need to consider the role that social media plays in making your content marketing more potent. Most people don’t know this, but social media is now an integral part of your daily life.

It’s not just about sharing funny pictures of your cat on Facebook anymore. It’s about how even our websites are “mandated” to have social media icons to get higher search engine rankings.

Yes, social signals are now a crucial part of your website ranking process. A website without these seems “fake” at best and won’t enjoy search engine “love” like others that have these facilities in place. So, you see, you can’t run away from social media. But you know what they say: if you can’t beat them, join them.

Content MarketingTo get the best results from your content marketing, you need to seriously consider social media. Here’s why: 

Helps you Focus on Premium Content

With the increase in content volume, people are becoming more jaded and less enthusiastic about generic content. Years ago, you could churn out generic content and be considered an “expert” in your niche.

Nowadays, you’d need to even give away highly valuable content for free if you want people to respond to your campaigns. Therefore, having social media on the back of your mind will help you create even better content.

You can always check out what titles and topics are popular in your niche on social media platforms and then creating your content around such topics.

Create Shareable and Viral Content

It’s not just enough to create content for the purpose of guest posting or backlinks. No, it’s about how much love you can get from people who absolutely think your content is amazing.

So, start thinking of how you can create viral content that will be incredibly popular among readers. The reality is this: the backlinks from just one successful viral content can push your website from nowhere to the top of the search engines.

Not just that, it can make your website a leading resource almost overnight. What we would recommend is that you endeavor to create one such content every month. 

Help Make Syndication Easier

There’s no faster way to get the word out on your content, brand, business and product launch than through social media. If you have a new product launch, all you need to do is spread the word about it and if it’s good, you’ll have a ton of people jump on it.

Case in point, Tyrese Gibson launched his latest album solely via social media and it went on to claim the top 5 positions in iTunes within a week of its release. We’re talking without local airplay on radio and TV stations.

So, if you have excellent content, social media will help make it easy for that content to get seen. For instance, you could sponsor the syndication of your content by paying a social influencers to spread the word about it.

Locating social influences nowadays is pretty easy with the use of tools like Neoreach which essentially brings social influencers and brands together.

Can Drive Huge Amounts of Traffic to Your Website and Business

The days when all you had to do was “write it and they will come” is long gone. You need to get the word out about your content as quickly as possible.

If your content is epic, you can use social media platforms, like NeoReach, to spread the word and drive hordes of traffic to your website. In fact, if you do it right, you may never have to pay a cent to get this done. 

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