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DupHunter Presents an Easy Way to Deal with Garbage Photos

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A new cross-platform app by Teorex, DupHunter scans photos on a user´s computer and gets rid of all duplicates leaving only the best images in each group of similar pictures. Conveniently, the program automatically detects series of photos taken with continuous shooting or locates similar images based on their content.

Garbage Photos

Today, if a user has a digital camera, his hard drive crawls with photographs. And apparently a large portion of them are duplicates. Some are a result of continuous shooting, others were made intentionally to catch a better angle or expression. A lot of images are not exactly duplicates of the original, but still need some refining – post-processed photos, sepia or grayscale photos and so on.

DupHunter is an app designed to quickly deal with all the photo duplicates. The tool implements a unique image analysis algorithm that not only detects similar images with high accuracy, but also does this extremely quickly. A user sets the program against folders on his or her computer, and it reveals all doubling images it finds. Then, the user simply selects best photos in each group of duplicates and discards others.

Interestingly, DupHunter finds duplicate images using two available algorithms. The first one is a classic content-based search that is useful to get rid of the same or just similar photographs on the disk. The smart analysis algorithm recognizes modified, distorted, cropped, resized and post-processed images as duplicate of their corresponding originals. The second search mode is timeline-based. It helps locating photos taken with short time gaps in between, for example, with a continuous shooting camera. In DupHunter, the user sees the entire series and can easily pick the best shot of all available photos.

Just like other software by TeoreX, the program features a tiny learning curve and intuitive, literally 3-buttons interface. Therefore, the app is a welcome addition to the photography toolbox of almost any user.

Pricing and availability

DupHunter is available for Windows and MacOS. The price for a single license of the program is $19.99.


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TeoreX develops simple and easy to use yet functional graphics and multimedia tools since 2011. Among great tools developed by the company are Inpaint, iResizer, PhotoScissors, DupHunter, FolderIco and PhotoStitcher.

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