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Here Comes the Tax Man

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As cliché as it may sound, only two things are certain – death and taxes. Now, taxes might be easier to avoid but, in the long run, they can give you a whole lot more headache. Just the simple act of ignoring a notice from the IRS and you might have to face tax liens and wage garnishment. It does not help that tax season always seem to be just around the corner.

What To Do?

The best way to deal with taxes is to make sure that you, at least, get your taxes filed. If you are not sure how it should be done, one of your options is to get the services of a good accountant. A good accountant can help you prepare your taxes and ensure that all credits and deductions have been considered; however, at the end of the day, you are still the one responsible for what goes into your return. If you are an accountant, yourself, then you would know that the best way to lower the risk for incorrect filings would be to match your skills with the top professional tax software in town.

What Is SigmaTaxPro?

SigmaTaxPro 1If you want to be sure about the correctness of the taxes that you have filed on behalf of your clients, then SigmaTaxPro is your answer. SigmaTaxPro is a top professional tax software typically used by tax professionals when preparing returns. It comes in three types – Sigma 1040-CL, Sigma 1040-DR, and Sigma 1040-TW. All the versions, however, offer your own tax consultant who can help you ensure that the proper returns are filed.

If you want something that is highly customizable, you might want to consider Sigma 1040-TW. Sigma 1040-TW comes with multiple formats including Executive Accounting, Power Accounting, and ProFiling, to name a few. It also has a number of bank products that lets you provide much better customer service to your clients. On the other hand, if you are handling high volume of returns, you might be better off with the Sigma 1040-CL. The said version also comes with a work-in-progress screen that allows you to check if there are things that you need to correct or if your return has been accepted or rejected. For those who are in-between, their best bet would be the Sigma 1040-DR.

SigmaTaxPro 2If you choose to get the top professional tax software in town, you can have the option of either going for the desktop version or the web-based version. The web-based version comes with secure SSL login as well as permission-based administration of various accounts, and the ability to access your account from anywhere. Depending on which version you go with, you can also enjoy such features as ability to create custom reports depending on location, create a report without the need or an SSN, and generate possible scenarios.

SigmaTaxPro starts at $249, with the most complex system priced at $995. If you are not yet sure if SigmaTaxPro is the best for you, you can always check out the demo version for yourself.

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