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Home Security: Tips To Deter Burglars

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When it comes to home security and keeping our family and loved ones safe, one thing we all wish for is that we never have to face danger, intrusion, or burglary. As we all know, wishing is not enough. In order to make this wish into a reality, or increase our chances of security and safety, here are easy and doable tips and tricks everyone can do and follow.

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1. Install A Security Camera

It is well known that by just installing a security camera or surveillance system, you can decrease the chances of burglary and crime. However, there are additional steps you can take to enhance the effectiveness of your security system, and in-turn, your safety. This includes hiding all wiring, or purchasing a wireless security camera. If you already have a wired security system, make sure that you hide all the wires well to deter criminals from disconnecting your system, or tapping into it.

2. Warning Signs Go A Long Way

Another effective trick includes placing signs that warn of a security system in place. This is not only often requested by law, but is a notable practice that is proven to decrease burglary. Make sure to include signs not only for camera surveillance, but also for alarm systems. Make them visible, and legitimately – don’t just print signs you have made or written. You may think that warning signs may be an invitation to seek out your surveillance and alarm system and hacker with it, but conversely, it is an easy way to deter crime.

3. Don’t Underestimate The Little Things

Give the impression that someone is home. Most burglars surveil the area and study behaviour before taking action. A presence in the home, whether it’s a pet or an individual, is often enough to deter burglary. In order to fake human presence, you can use automatic timed lights that follow your natural movements, practices, and your habits. Also, never underestimate the power of a well-lit home – fully illuminate the exterior of your home.

4. TV To The Rescue

Fake Your TV. Yes, there are gadgets that you can purchase that mimic the glowing light of your TV screen, thus signalling that someone is home. Its an energy saving option, utilizes a timer and a light sensor, and does a great job delivering the impression that someone is home watching Television!

5. Outside Decor Matters

Don’t just compete for the best lawn in the neighbourhood, or the most beautiful garden decor, design your outdoors with intention and strategy to deter burglars. Keep your lawn nice and tidy, illuminate tall trees and bushes – bushes can assist burglars by creating hiding spots to surveil and plot.  

6. Install A Glass Breakage Detector

Just in case these steps do not prevent or deter intrusion or burglary, make sure to take additional steps to ensure the safety of your family and loved ones. One of the steps includes installing a glass breakage detector, which triggers an alarm when it senses the frequency of breaking glass. Quite handy for homes and businesses.

Plan Well and Plan For Safety!

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