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How Foreigner Can buy used items in Japan?

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The following content will help you buy how to buy used item in Japan online at for foreigners who live in Japan!

First, let me introduce myself, I came to Japan to study without knowing about Japanese, just know the only foreign language is English. Because I’m a technology lover so when came here I would like to buy technology items such as: iPad, digital camera, iPhone,… However, the problem arises is if I buy a new one in the Japanese, the price will be very expensive. Therefore, I tried to buy used item in the famous places such as Akihabara (Sofmap), … But, compared to quality, the price was still expensive!

Everyone shares that it would be cheaper if buy used-items online in Japan, so I was determined to find out this way. I took 2 weeks to spend on the internet to learn how to buy in online in Japan. And I have decided to join the online auction site Japanese people and foreigner access this website to bid used items. The problem here is this website just only written in Japanese, so I have to use Google Chrome to translate and start to find used items which I want to buy. The result is I have bought for myself 1 iPhone and iPad 2 with the price and quality is excellent.

Through the time in Japan I realize that many foreigners who live in Japan also want to buy these products, but maybe unknown about, on the other hand does not know how to order and special is how to understand the contents of that website? So I sum up my experiences “How to buy used item in Japan on” to share for everyone and hope it’s helpful for you.

Firstly, you have to create an account, read How to create an account at Japan’s auction website –

Step 1: Access this link: I recommend you should use Google Chrome as a browser to access this website. In this article I show you pictures in Japanese and English. You can download the latest version of Chrome here.

Step 2: Search the item that you want to buy:

buy used item in Japan

Step 3: Choose an item in the list, then click on the title.

buy used items in Japan 2

buy used items in Japan 1

Tips: To find the cheapest item, you should find more information of the seller such as: he is a professional seller or not? How to know this: you can check which items this seller is selling, if he has a list of items that means he may be a professional seller. If the price is OK for you, click “Bid” button and start bidding. And do not forget to click “Following” button (button with star image) – why you should click this button? Because: If you have already bid the item, yahoo will inform you once other buyer place higher price; if you just interested the item, Yahoo will inform you 15 minutes before of ending time so you will know the current price and decide to buy or not!

Video guide:


Stem 4: When you win the bidding, seller will contact you and send you payment details, all you need to do is send money and your address to seller and wait for your item.

I hope you will find the best items with the guide above. If you have any question, please leave the message in the comment.

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