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How to Become a Network Engineer

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The role and responsibilities of a network engineer are to take care of all the equipment which makes up the network. The network is what connects all of the PC computers and servers together, and includes internet access, ASDL links, links to remote sites, Wi-Fi, and more. In a small company, the system may well simply connect to just one switch which connects the server, PC’s and internet connection, and would not need a full time network engineer in order to maintain it. However, as a company increases in size and the network also grows, it is often necessary to have a full time network engineer employed as it’s vital that the network is properly maintained and working. A professionalized engineer having many years of experience and knowledge in this field can be perfect for your company to look on various networking and internet accessing.

Network Engineer

Gaining Experience

If you wish to become a network engineer, the biggest issue that you face is gaining experience. Understandably, most companies will not put anyone with no experience in charge of maintaining and looking after their network, however in order to do the job, you will need to somehow gain the relevant experience needed. There are some ways in which you can do this, including applying for junior engineering positions, or offering your services as a network engineer to small businesses for free in order to build up your experience profile.


Another viable way of earning experience as a network engineer is to become an apprentice. Being an apprentice meant working with an already qualified network engineer, who’ll be able to teach you the basics and more of the job whilst you take training courses and work towards taking the final exam. Apprenticeships may not be the best paying options, however, it’s a fantastic way to gain credible experience, with many apprenticeships concluding with a job offer. You may be able to find an apprenticeship from a local college or educational institution, or you could go directly to network engineers in order to inquire about a position.

Junior Network Engineer

The junior network engineer route is the most popular one taken by individuals looking to become a full time network engineer. However, in order to get started on the route, you’re first going to need some knowledge and experience of networks, how they tick and how to fix them if anything goes wrong. One of the best ways to do this is to practice at home. You can buy second hand switches from online auction sites such as eBay, and configure them at home in order to learn more. You may also wish to consider enrolling on a training course which will help you to teach yourself.

Network Engineer Qualifications

Although with the right experience it may be possible to gain a network engineer position without the need for any formal qualifications, in most cases, enrolling on a training course to gain a qualification which allows you to become a fully trained network engineer will help your plight for experience. In most cases, you will find training courses online, or you can buy books if you prefer. For network engineers, CCNA courses like those offered by are the usual starting block, and now there is also an entry level course which you can take known as CCENT which is useful if you need to learn some of the basics. Once you have completed the course, the next step is to pass the CCNA exam, which will qualify you to work as a network engineer. Passing this exam will make you more desirable to employers and more trustworthy as a network engineer.

Once you pass the exam, the next step is finding the experience! Find somebody whose network is not working very well, and offer to repair it as a way to build up your experience before applying for jobs.

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