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How to create an account at Japan’s auction website –

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Some foreigners who are living and working in Japan want to register an account at Japan’s auction website – but don’t know how to do. The following content is a tutorial on How to create an account at 

Firstly, I recommend you should use Google Chrome as a browser to access this website. In this article I show you pictures in Japanese and English. You can download the latest version of Chrome here

Step 1: Access this address:

Step 2: Click Login button:

Japan's auction 4

Step 3: Click New acquisition button.

Japan's auction 3

Step 4: Fill the form with your information and account details:

Japan's auction 7 Japan's auction 6 Japan's auction 5

This step is also difficult to whom don’t know Japan’s alphabet (Katakana), because in the final blank you have to put captcha letters in Katakana. Here is the way for you, visit this link: and copy the letter. Finally, click yellow button (Register the Yahoo! JAPAN ID).

Note: You have to hurry up when put captcha letter, if too long it will ask you to do again.

Step 5: This step Yahoo wants to inform all your information is correct or not, you should check again and if everything is OK, check the “agree” box then click “Registration” button.

Japan's auction 2

Step 6: Now, you have to fill all your information such as: name, address, phone number and what kind of payment method you will do.

Note: You have put your Japan’s phone number correctly. To BID on this Japan’s auction website you have to confirm your phone number, they will send you the code via phone.

Japan's auction 1

Hope you enjoy and buy good items on this Japan’s auction website!

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