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How to Securely Operate an Online Business

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There is an amazing number of entrepreneurs who are establishing online businesses each and every day. Ever since the last financial crisis in 2008 and 2009 which was labelled the Great Recession, more and more entrepreneurs are taking their expertise to a cyber market to cut down on overheads while trying to keep their businesses alive. If you are new to online commerce, e-commerce, and here are some suggestions to help you securely operate an online business.

Secure Online Business

1. Educate Employees on the Principles of Internet Security

Before granting anyone at all, including yourself, access to your website, make absolutely certain they have been trained in the basic principles of Internet security. Establish a policy that must be adhered to in regards to cyber security (such as sharing passwords or accessing dangerous sites) and clearly outline penalties which will be imposed if these guidelines are not strictly adhered to.

2. Safeguard against Cyber Attacks

Next, you should take the time to find Internet security solutions that will protect all your computers, be it one or ten, from cyber attacks. Regularly run antivirus checks and keep antimalware software running in the background. Good defense will ensure that no cyber criminal can break through your barriers to gain access to sensitive information stored locally or even across the network. You can find more information here on top rated Internet security packages.

3. Securing Data Stored on Mobile Devices

All mobile devices should be protected with passwords to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to confidential information which is probably stored somewhere on the device. Whether you use a Mac or Windows based operating system on your phone or laptop, it is imperative to make absolutely certain that one or more levels are password protected and safe from being accessed by passersby who will try to capture that information through Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth connectivity.

4. Regularly Backup and Make Copies of Important Data

You never know when calamity might strike so it is essential to regularly run backups of all your important client information and company data. Not only are you subject to cyber attacks if you choose the wrong Internet security package, but one power surge can wipe out your hard drive and literally anything connected to the grid in one fell swoop. By backing up data and keeping copies secure offline or perhaps somewhere in a secure Cloud, you can be assured that everything is secured for when you need to access it again. Many online businesses backup their systems daily at the close of each business day, or if running 24/7 at a regularly scheduled time.

5. Limit Access to Business Computers

If you run a smaller operation you might be asked by family members and/or friends to use your computers from time to time. The answer is a resounding no! Never let unauthorized users sit down at any of your business computers because they might inadvertently download or install malware that could fry your hard drive in a flash. Not only that, but unauthorized users shouldn’t have access to company or client information. It really is as simple as that and if they don’t understand why you are going to such lengths to protect your business, it’s their problem, not yours.

6. Establish Levels of User Access and/or the Ability to Install Software

When more than one person will be accessing either your company site or using computers to do anything at all, give each and every person an individual level of user access. This typically happens when you use a Content Management System that is the backend of your online site. The admin panel will allow you to set up user accounts, give each user a unique password and then set levels of access. Some users might not have the ability to upload live content and will need to wait for approval while others might not be able to do more online than go to a Google doc to get their current assignment. Levels of access need to be based on ‘need’ and ‘trust’ so keep this in mind when allowing others to access any information whatsoever.

The key to running a safe online business is to remember that there are literally billions of people online and a good amount of those are not as ethical as they should be. The Internet is a global information superhighway and hackers and cyber criminals come from all ends of the earth and all walks of life. By ensuring safe practices when running an online business, you will be working towards a lucrative future. Just remember that one major catastrophe can bring everything you’ve worked so hard for tumbling down. Stay secure and ensure your business’ financial future. That’s the key in a nutshell.

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