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Whoa, That Happened in 2015?

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So, it’s nearly the end of 2015, and what a year we’ve had regarding viral events. Here’s a quick highlight of those I think were outstanding.

Hey, There’s Llama on the Loose in Phoenix

Ever seen a Llama in real life? No, I’m not talking about those on TV. I’m talking about the real thing: white/gray with fur, kind of looks like a mini camel and harmless? Well, I did, at least as real as it gets the courtesy of the video of a cop chasing Llamas in Arizona. 

What Color is that Dress?

Hey Mikey, see this dress. What color is it? White and gold, blue and black, blue brown, or just about any color? Enter the “Dress” that had everyone buzzing about it earlier this year.

2015The –to be honest- not-so-great-looking no name dress was the cynosure of all eyes this year. It was interesting how one out of two people saw an entirely different color. Left us all wondering if we weren’t experiencing some alternate reality.

I even had a friend nearly bet his car it was blue and black. It was an excellent conversation starter and worked as pick up the line too. The dress was one of 2015’s biggest viral event of the year.

Meek Mill/Drake Feud

A few artists have risen to fame courtesy of “insulting” their betters. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the artist book. It’s how you get noticed and quickly too. In contrast with his nickname, Meek Mill went from being semi-popular to being popular courtesy of the feud with Drake.

The cause of the feud? Drake was being too successful. Ha! Interestingly, Drake went on to show who was –you guessed it- still better by getting nominated on every track where he dissed Meek Mill.

Choke on that, you little brat. Well, one good thing came out of all the celeb dissing, though: Meek Mill went to date, Nicki Minaj. So, I guess it still worked out for the Meek, eh.

Ricky Martin is Dead?

Holey Moley! That one had us all worried there for a minute. When the world suddenly started wondering where Ricky Martin had been all these years. Lucky for us, though, dude is alive and kicking… just keeping a very low profile and living a private life is all.

Adele’s Hello

The last quarter of 2015 saw Adele surge to fame again and beat out every other record there’s been in the music industry. Adele’s Hello track had everyone from Ellen DeGeneres to Kate Hudson either mimicking the call or just showing that they were emotionally overwhelmed by the song.

By the way, her exquisitely burnished face on the cover of the album spectacularly had the internet “up in arms”. In fact, Sam Smith tweeted that “This look @adele made me scream like a little girl”. Good on ya Adele! Way to go after being in hibernation for five years, girl. If only more artistes would take a five-year hiatus to make great songs like this… Just food for thought.

The Pizza Rat

So, it turns out rats love pizza… in New York no less. That’s upgrade, wouldn’t you say. Anyways, someone shot a video of a rat carrying pizza down the steep steps New York City’s subway platform –unsuccessfully I might add, uploaded it to Youtube and the internet applauded. In fact, major media houses like USA Today, New York Magazine and even Mashable piled on the news. If you are interested in watching it again, here’s the video.

Some Dude Shot a Lion and It Broke the Internet

By lion, we mean Cecil and by dude, some what’s-his-face dentist. On a more serious note, though, when dentist Walter Palmer killed one of South Africa’s prized lions and posted it on Facebook to show off, little did he know he was about to draw the ire of millions of animal lovers and –let’s be honest- busybodies. Well, that act turned him into the world’s most hated man for a second or so. Thankfully, the dust has settled on that, and he’ll know better next time.

There ya go… some of the most interesting and viral events of 2015. Think I missed one? Remind me in the comment section. Maybe in 2016, you can contribute a thread that will become viral. Just be sure you always have a camera, like the Polaroid Cube action camera, to capture the soon to be viral footage.

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