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10 Amazing WordPress Freebies You Should be Using

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Even though the holidays are over and the New Year’s Eve gone and your New Year resolutions broken, we’ve still got a bunch of goodies that would help you get over the post-holiday season slump.

From a couple of handpicked themes to function-loaded plugins, here is a list of 10 resourceful freebies that every designer wishes for.

BigWave – One Page Free Business WordPress Theme

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Simplicity and a de-cluttered look are two of the most prominent features of a one-page website, not to forget the quick scroll through for more valuable information. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that a lot of important websites are backing this trend.

If you want to jump the wagon too with your business website, the BigWave theme would be the ideal choice. Cutting your work in half and doubling the aesthetics plus functionality of your website, this responsive theme is loaded with multiple sections, sliders, location on Google maps and so much more.

The BigWave theme is worth stocking up on as you undoubtedly would be designing or working on a myriad of business websites this year given the flourish of e-commerce.

Sentio – A Free Blog WordPress Theme

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Do you know content marketing is the backbone of your website – irrespective of the niche it caters to? Content is king – clichéd as that may sound – but unless you are religiously and regularly belting out quality content, you wouldn’t inch up the ranking ladder or become an authority in your industry.

But a lot of times despite killer content, websites don’t get the deserving returns on their content marketing efforts.

And the number one reason for that is a lack of exposure, even viral-worthy content would rot and perish in the dark holes of the internet unless you place it correctly. And to do just that, here’s a theme that is a requisite for superior content marketing as it puts the limelight directly on your best content whether it’s blog posts or videos or even a well-written landing page.

Sentio has a sharp, sleek, sophisticated look that is sure to draw in your readers without taking the focus off of your portfolio.

A Free WordPress Theme from CyberChimps

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Another theme that you should stock up on is Responsive. The eponymous WordPress theme has been downloaded over and over again owing to its sheer simplistic look and power-packed features.

The Retina-ready, SEO-friendly theme adapts fluidly to the device, it is being viewed on, and given the rise in mobile usage over desktop sites, such a theme is an absolute must.

Add your own flavor as this is completely customizable and wow your clients.

Home Remodeling: A Free Responsive WordPress Theme

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There are certain businesses that have a particularly specific website requirement and you need to hone in on the details to create a superior one. And one such business is home remodeling, most designers rehash interior designing themes, but for those who want to get it perfect (without buckling down too much) here is a theme that has been designed to fit the requirements to at.

Can you use it in any other way? Sure, some designers have the creative genius to completely capture a different angle and use themes interestingly. But for the most part, this theme – although specific – would be of immense help in creating a stunning home remodeling business website with superior features like unlimited drop down menus, easy slideshow, and tons of other options that make customizing a breeze.

PhotoLab: A Free Responsive WordPress Theme from Template Monster

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If you earn your bread and butter (and the occasional cheesecake too) through a creative vocation, then you need to put them at the forefront for a glimpse of your capabilities and quality. Whether you are a Web Designer, Developer, Photographer or a Copywriter, your work speaks for you.

And let them do the talking with choosing a complementing theme like PhotoLab. It’s USP lies in the due exposure it gives to your portfolio. In fact, it even segregates different types of content through color coding.

Get this as an instant download and get continued support too.

Free WordPress Countdown Timer Plugin

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All set to launch your website or maybe you want to cash in on the scarcity angle by proclaiming a sale to be ending soon? The Countdown Timer Plugin is an indispensable tool to own.

Not only does this have the scarcity sales aspect, but it also keeps prospects in the know about when your website would be up again, this is particularly important if you’re going on a temporary hiatus and don’t want to lose existing followers/readership.

Counting both up and down and in different skin colors, the Countdown Plugin Timer is a must-have in your designer kitty.

Sunday Freebie: WordPress Newsletter Plugin- Lite

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If you believe that content marketing only extends to blogging weekly and publishing links of said blogs on social media, then you’re wrong. And being wrong can cost you big!

Content marketing is a lot broader than that, and an integral part of it is newsletters. Not only this keeps your website top of your readers’ minds, but can also establish you as an authority in your niche if you produce solid, well-done newsletters.

To make this endeavor a lot easier and smarter, here’s a plugin that will make your task quicker and hassle-free with its templates and e-mailing options.

Sunday Freebie: WP-DaVinci Premium WordPress Theme

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Want a premium theme without spending the bucks? Yeah, who doesn’t? The DaVinci theme is a blogger’s buff. Or even if you have an online magazine, the theme definitely deserves a good consideration.

With built-in author pages and fully customizable options, the theme includes widgets, multiple post options and a lot more.

Get this as an instant download and add your creative flair to it to reuse in ways more than one.

Sunday Freebie: SlideShow Gallery Plugin for WordPress

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A slideshow of your products will skyrocket your conversions, especially if you put your best pieces on display. Not an e-commerce? Even then, make sure you have an arresting gallery of pictures (portfolio or otherwise) to keep the readers lingering on your website for long.

Slideshows are visually appealing and carry a lot of sales value, but they can be a chore to work on. You can either go down the difficult route or play smart with this freebie. The plugin is extremely easy to integrate and use.

Sunday Freebie: WordPress Christmas Plugin

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Christmas mightn’t be around the corner, but don’t wait for Christmas to download this freebie. Missing the festive season? Create one yourself with a ton of Christmas motif, although that would make you look weird.

But stocking up on these wouldn’t hurt as these might have a price tag attached to it come December. Plus, you can also use the elements in other projects.

Which of the freebies did you like best?

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