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Difference Between Magento Enterprise Development And Open Source

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The decision making on whether you should go with Magento enterprise development or you should choose Magento Open Source, it depends on the benefits you want to garner from any of the selections. However, taking an accurate decision requires understanding of both the systems. Therefore, we have made some efforts for you in bringing out some of the key points related to both that will help you reach a desired conclusion.

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Mentioned below are the differences – based on certain parameters – between Magento Enterprise Development and Magento Open Source:

Magento Open Source Software

It is a free edition, available for everyone and does not require any kind of monthly or yearly fees. The open source software is focused on the users who do not fear playing with the codes and never bother about the effort required to maintain the site. It gives code level access and as the code runs on the owner’s server, others cannot access any kind of data unless it is not secure. It helps in easy connection with systems.

The major advantage in using the open source is the presence of numerous extensions that makes most of the tasks conveniently. The current existence of extension goes beyond 75 thousand. It also helps in the allowance to take benefit of Application Programming Interfaces that help in the convenient interaction among various databases, product feeds, stores and more. Moreover, it helps in the installation of various themes.

The interesting feature can be seen as a mobile commerce edition for open source that allows users in engaging with their customers from the mobile devices. Along with that, the user can have multiple stores that can be managed through the single control back panel. This feature of Magento differentiates itself from the crowd. It also helps in getting store views in multiple forms.

This is not the end of the feature list for open source software, and there are numerous features that have not been mentioned yet. However, at this juncture, it is advisable to take a look at the paid alternative.

Magento Enterprise Development

Magento Enterprise is a paid form of eCommerce development software developed by the same company. It comes with all the features that are present in Magento Open Source, and along with that it has a few more features that are non-existent in free version. Some of the notable features are, handling large number of products that too at lightning fast speed and improved performance, quick loading of sites with full cache, and works well when scaled to a larger server by separating the parts on various servers. Separation of tasks based on functional categories is easier, for instance, DNS or Proxy servers and others.

In the end, it can be stated that enterprise version is more advanced than the free version and as it is handled by agencies, reduces the burden of the head of merchants thus making their life easier. It helps them focus on their core business instead of maintaining a site. Therefore, if your goal is to have a robust eCommerce platform with almost zero defects, then prefer the enterprise version over the free version.

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