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Infographic: Current IT Job Trends

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The technology sphere is getting wider and wider influencing more and more business and economic fields. It is not surprising, thus, that more and more people are getting engaged in it, more money are being invested and more are willing to get employed in IT. So, let’s see what tendencies can be traced on the IT labor market. 

The case is senior professionals are reluctant to change their employers, that is why there are more junior positions. Moreover, it is cheaper to grow in-house specialist than to hire ready one. As a result, there is a disbalance of positions and candidates. Employers are not so critical about candidates and are ready to hire with skill gaps to cover them in the working process. They have also become more tolerable with remote work opportunities and relocation offers became more frequent. 

If you are about to embark in the IT world, you should consider such jobs as developer, system administrator, business analyst, database administrator, quality analyzer and support, since these ones are the most popular jobs. Moreover, a candidate who is good at the following spheres will be in high demand: .NET/C#/Asp.Net, Java, PHP, Python or Ruby on Rails. 

Among the most active employers are financial service providers, healthcare, managed services, telecommunications and hospitality. 

The most expensive employees work, surprise-surprise, in Administration. Then go Database Administration and System Integration. 

Wireless Network Engineer, Data Science, Big Data Engineer and Mobile Applications Developer got the biggest salary increase. Compared to the previous year, their salary increased by more than 8%.

So, if you want to develop in the IT sphere, there is still space for the further movement. Do not hesitate and just do it. 

IT Job Trends

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