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Infographic: Healthcare of the Future

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Our thanks to Home Healthcare Adaptations (, for sending us this infographic on ‘Healthcare of the Future’. To view the full infographic, please scroll down.

Picture the situation: You’re at home and confined to your bed through illness. You need medical attention, but cannot get a doctor to visit you and you don’t have any way of being able to travel to a surgeon’s practice. It certainly isn’t an ideal situation, but it no longer has to be this way. Technology has now advanced to a stage where, in scenarios such as the one described above, a medical professional can visit you virtually in your home in the form of a hologram and recommend treatments to you, all from the comfort of your own bed.

Healthcare has now entered the virtual age, one where treatment can be obtained from a few simple taps on your smartphone or tablet. In addition to hologram house calls, patients can also download a virtual healthcare app where they enter their demographic information, medical history and symptoms. The app reports back instantly with a diagnosis and a series of recommended treatments.

The benefits of such technologies are wide-ranging not only for patients, but also those involved in the healthcare industry. Doctors can treat patients more quickly, which has the knock-on effect of being able to treat more patients and consequently reducing the strain on their resources. It could potentially save millions of dollars in healthcare expenditure and revolutionize the industry on a scale that has never been witnessed before.

It seems like a unanimous win-win situation, but there remains a degree of opposition to the implementation of virtual healthcare practices. Some doctors believe that virtual healthcare technology isn’t appropriate; others cite the cost involved in adopting virtual practices or the need for telemedicine licensing.

Once the technological tide gathers momentum, though, it becomes harder and harder to resist. The positive effects of virtual healthcare technologies are likely to take hold in the near future, and once the evidence is available to show that it is making a difference, it is probable that many of those who opposed its introduction will be convinced that it is the way forward.

Healthcare of the Future

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