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Manage your boat with your mobile

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The evolution of technology over the years has continued to impress many. Boaters tend to worry about their boats, whether it’s tucked up in a marina or on a mooring. Boat owners can now sleep better due to the development of a new application that can track and manage boats from the comfort of their phones. Now they don’t have to worry about small things like the temperature, the batteries or even closing the through-hulls.

manage boat with mobile

The MaxMon is an easy app to use and it’s very cost efficient. The app works on an android phone which can easily be bought at a Carphone warehouse and only a small monthly charge is required. The phone can be left on the boat to act as a remote monitoring device. The remote metering system allows boaters to personally look after the security and condition of the boat from anywhere. This is every boat owners dream.


One of the key elements of this app its ability to track. A built in sensor allows the phone to send email or text alerts once the app is installed. The app can also take photographs (with an inbuilt camera) or even track the boat if it’s stolen using its GPS. The app can also do other tasks that it’s set to perform.

According to it as well operates on Quatropus, a small box which plugs in between the phone and its charger and also interfaces one or more sensors or actuators. The sensors on boats are typically motion, humidity, and temperature and contact sensors. The contact sensors handles the float sensor for the bulge as well as the doors and window proximity sensors.

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Detect and fix problems

The daily text or email alerts report on the location, humidity and bilge levels, temperatures, interior motion, shore power, battery voltage, and ports/hatches of the boat. Immediate alerts are also sent when problems like rising humidity, power cuts, and intruders arise. Boat owners can remotely fix the problem before any damage arises. They can remotely switch on heaters, Dehumidifiers or lights or alert the security company in case of intruders.

Electrical devices

The app has also made the control of remote devices really simple. They are several remote control power sockets and strips that have short-range remote controls. The Quatropus bundle has a small wireless actuator that can also control. It can switch the boat’s heat.

A presentation given at the Hull Marina last year arouse a significant amount of interest. The presentation given by the company’s Martin Lambert, who is also a boater who uses the system in his own boat inspired many boat owners.

Reduce the price

MaxMon is not the only remote tracking system in the boat industry, they are few other marine monitoring system in the market. The competitive advantage that MaxMon has over this other monitoring system its low cost. Like many other marine products they are unaffordable and sometimes require paid installation. MaxMon innovative idea of using a normal commodity Android mobile phone intensely reduces the cost of remote monitoring. Due to the high competition in the mobile industry the Android phone is low- cost and contain a wide range of in-built sensors and cellular and Wi-Fi networking.

Many actuator website describe this innovation the best and most affordable in the market. Boaters can now enjoy the reassurance that all is well in their boat and saves them the expense of paid monitoring, whether damage and drives back and forth to check on it.

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