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10 Websites Which Will Help You to Improve Your Web Design Skills

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 It’s possible to learn some new skills through many websites featured on the Internet. There are classes, tutorials, and videos for beginners and those who want to hone their skills. Self-improvement should be a mainstay in the life of a web designer in order to keep up with the newer technologies. By having a thorough understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS a designer can go from a vision to designing a website that delights the client.

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In the list below, some of the courses are free, and some charge a monthly fee. Most of them track the progress of the students in case they want to take advanced classes later on. All of these classes allow the students to work at their own speed. Most students enjoy them so much that they rip through the classes, and they’re on their way creating websites!

Here’re ten websites offering some easy ways to begin or improve the skills of website designing.

1. Channel 9 Web Development

This course is for the beginner who has no experience in programming or web design at all. They use videos that are easy to comprehend and are to be taken in a series. As the basics in the first video are mastered, the students move to the next one. There is a total of 21 videos for beginners teaching everything that’s needed to design a fantastic website. This entire course can be taken in 12 hours.

2. Dash General Assembly

This website offers tutorial stories that are interactive and teach the beginner the basics of web designing. The viewers learn about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and learn the easiest concepts to be used in making a website visually pleasing. These tutorials are probably not for people looking for an e-commerce website. But it’s very suitable for those wanting their website to stand out from others. This teaches only enough to make a successful website.

3. Don’t Fear the Internet

This system is for people who have their own websites, but the design is inferior. They’re usually photographers and designers that feature their high-quality work on their websites. There are just seven videos teaching the skills needed to improve their websites.

4. Learn Layout

This website is for people who know a bit about web design and want to learn more. It isn’t for beginners, so the person needs to already know about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The program teaches advanced CSS and some advanced HTML. They offer several slides for viewing that have a lot of information. Students are advised to take these in at their own speed.

5. Treehouse

Treehouse is especially great for those who like to learn visually. Their tutorials cover a wide array of web design subjects catering to all levels. Each tutorial will first feature a professional video with a quiz and exercise to be done in the browser. This setting is similar to a classroom and is a great way to get started.

6. Codeacademy

They use one step at a time instructions through tutorials, a web browser (not real) and a code editor. And these are all in the same place, so the student never has to leave the browser. It doesn’t matter the skill level of the person because there’s something for everyone. They start at the beginning by introducing CSS and HTML. The tutorials follow all the way to building an interactive website using JavaScript.

7. Aquent Gymnasium

This is one of the best places to improve a person’s current awareness of the techniques of responsive design, HTML, CSS, UX design, and the front end of web design. The website is based on a classroom where other designers are also enrolled. Their classes feature videos on JavaScript, Coding, and Flash. These courses are designed for those wanting to design a website that’s professional.

8. Code Avengers

On this website, there are more than 100 lessons beginning with the fundamentals. They move all the way to designing and embedding JavaScript along with the creating online apps. They’ve created a glossary that’s full of the terms they use on the site. This is a great help when a person is stuck on the meaning of a new word.

9. The New Boston

This website teaches CSS3 and HTML5 standards through the use of 53 videos. These videos include transitions, video, model, and animations along with the new features in CSS and HTML specification.

10. Documentation Websites

These websites are great resources to look up information needed when designing a website.

  • MDN – Documentation for all things web
  • W3Schools – In-depth references on CSS and HTML
  • W3C – CSS and HTML specifications

These courses show the pathway to a career in web designing. They’re good for beginners and for those wanting to keep learning more. If you’re new at this, try some of the free courses to see if web designing is really for you. For those wanting to improve their skills, these websites offer just what you’re looking for to do just that!

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