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6 Super Stylish Fashion Apps to Make Your Life Easier

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 If you love technology, but have never loved going in-store shopping, once you switch your mindset to shopping via an app, you will never look back. No longer only accessible to the rich and famous, personal shopping is now ubiquitous in every shopping mall and department store. However, not all of these services are free and not all are ‘pressure-free’ either as they often come with a ‘hard-sell’ that many would rather avoid.

Enter the app ‘PS Dept’. If you are an iOS user your digital personal assistant has arrived. All you have to do is send a shopping request via the app and a personal shopper will source it for you through the app’s network of luxury retailers. The app is free to download and if you make a purchase your card is charged via the app.

If on the other hand you are the type of person who always gets caught out in the rain or in a snow storm, be ahead of the pack and download the free app ‘Cloth’. This app has a partnership with ‘Weather Underground’, an established online weather service. Its best feature is its real-time weather data and the fact that you can choose your most weather appropriate outfit according to the current weather conditions.

Are you the type of person who never has anything to wear, but owns a lot of clothes and accessories? If this is you then you need to digitize your closet which will make your life so much easier and your outfit choice so much more accessible. Turn to the app ‘Closet+’. This app allows you to import pictures of your clothes and accessories using its fast and effective bulk-import feature. The best part of the app is the organizational element as you can classify and sub-classify your outfits to your own personal specifications. For example, you can sub-categorize by when you last wore an outfit, if it needs alterations, by color-coding and if it needs to be taken to the dry-cleaners.

Fashion Apps

For more details on the super stylish fashion apps that make our lives considerably easier, view this infographic created by the folks over at

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