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Best Apps for the Vaping Community

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Vaping and e-cigarettes have now become part of everyday life in a very short space of time. Currently there are between 15 to 21 million vapers in the USA, 2.6 million vapers in Britain and between 1 to 2 million vapers in France who vape on a daily basis. With the increased interest in vapers and all things vaping related, this has spawned a legion of dedicated websites, blogs, forums, social media channels and apps. With mobile web traffic having surpassed desktop traffic last year in 2015, apps and specifically mobile apps are set to become increasingly popular. The vaping community is not immune to this and actively engages with apps, particularly apps that have spun out from a popular vaping website or forum.

 E-Cig-Reviews is one of those apps that has spun out of a popular e-cigarette reviews community website with the same name. The app version of the website is compatible with Android and offers high quality informative video reviews and tutorials on e-cigarettes, e-pipes, e-cigars and e-liquids. It is highly regarded in the vaping community for its independent reviews. When it comes to getting the latest vaping news, deals and competitions, one of the best apps out there is called Planet of the Vapes. Compatibility wise it works on both the Android and iOS platforms in addition to being easy to navigate with a clean interface so it looks great too.

For the more advanced vapers, there are two apps that are specifically tailored to those with more than a passive interest in the world of vaping. VaporCalc is an Android compatible app that gives detailed advice on making personalized coils, DIY e-liquids and determining ohm resistance settings. The second app tailored to the more advanced vaper is eJuice Me Up. This app is a Windows only app, however it gives top notch advice on how to make DIY e-liquid recipes using vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, water, nicotine and flavorings. For more details on the best apps for vapers to get the most from their vaping experience, have a look at this infographic below created by purplebox vapours.

Vaping Community

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