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DVDFab Passkey Offers Strong Support after Slysoft’s Down

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After the disaster that Slysoft is down, it seems that there are still no any effective means of giving a perfect explanation to the vast range of AnyDVD owners. Even though it is reborn living on Redfox, there are also many unsettled issues living in AnyDVD owners’ mind, like are these licenses they purchased and still unexpired for AnyDVD or AnyDVD HD valid? How long will the Redfox successfully deal with the payment and sales? What could they do after the 21-day-trail finished? Anyway, we love life, love movies, and so we need a decrypter to remove the annoying various protections and region code restrictions made by the disc vendors with the purpose of so called privacy protection.

It’s unclear that how long will those issues be solved, but it’s clear that a decrypter is necessary for all kinds of protections and restrictions embedded in various DVD/Blu-ray. And for those who can’t continue using AnyDVD due to this or that reason, if there is another ideal option, why not take it? You could not be so stubborn and inflexible.

If there is any program that can be neck and neck with AnyDVD, that’s must be DVDFab Passkey.

DVDFab Passkey

Protection removal ability

Compared with AnyDVD, after tests, you will find that what AnyDVD can do for you, Passkey can do, and do better. It can remove all kinds of protections embedded in all DVD/Blu-ray, either the classical discs or the newly released blockbusters. And it even provides you more detailed info, including the vendor, vendor specific, region of your drive, the type of your disc media, what kinds of protections embedded in the source are removed, etc, Besides protection, Passkey can also remove the region code restrictions embedded in your source disc. Thus, you can freely play the source with any player or devices produced in anywhere.

DVDFab Passkey 2

Protection removal speed

Frankly, AnyDVD is really a Speed Demon in decrypting. It can finish the decrypting process within several seconds, even in three seconds. However, that’s not means Passkey is far behind AnyDVD. It is also capable of decrypting any DVD/Blu-ray in flash speed, meanwhile displaying a processing bar showing you how much the source is removing. That’s giving you a more intuitive and specific user experience.

DVDFab Passkey 3

Functions and Features

What make both AnyDVD and Passkey excellent decrypters that rank top in Google are their mature technologies and considerate features. With that, you can enjoy a smooth decrypting trip without any freeze or crash problems. Besides decrypting, they provide you many settings to make it easier to use and more user-friendly to accommodate all kinds of folks. You can set it to be the ideal status you use, including but not limited to the language environment, sound, network, diagnose, etc. As DVDFab has many exclusive homemade technologies which can help users greatly improve the user experience, you can enjoy extra supports like PathPlayer, BluPath, Hybird Disc, Blu-ray Players Regions, etc.

DVDFab Passkey 4

All in all, Passkey for DVD/Blu-ray is the all-purpose tools assist you in accessing any locked DVD/Blu-ray, and viewing them with any player or device you need. And for those loyal AnyDVD fans, when Slysoft is done and it’s still unclear when you can normally purchase or use it, DVDFab assist you strongly.  Thus, Passkey is being offered at 30% off on the 1-year subscription for the time being. If you are a former AnyDVD HD user, there is an extra surprise! More info, visit

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