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The Hive Mind: Hiver Collaboration Tool

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There are numerous collaboration tools online that offers a smoother operation for your business. These tools are different platforms that a company’s employee must sign up for to use. Getting used to a collaboration tool is a bit time-consuming as with new platforms, new ways of operation is presented. From there enters Hiver. Hiver is not just another collaboration tool that requires a new platform for the users to familiarize themselves to make operation smoother. Hiver has a better platform, and that is through your Gmail inbox.

Hiver Collaboration Tool 1

The Hiver Advantage

One of the advantages of Hiver is the Gmail integration. What sets it apart from other collaboration tools is the simplicity of the platform. With Gmail as the primary platform, Hiver improves the interface through the application of a number of features to turn the regular Gmail inbox into a collaboration tool that is just as useful as others.

Hiver Collaboration Tool 2

With a common platform, employees do not need time to adjust to Hiver. There is no need to introduce a new site and have the employees learn from scratch. This saves time and essentially makes Hiver into a small but important tool to add to any business process.


The primary use of the tool is sharing. Your Gmail inbox, contacts and labels are all shared to everyone that is connected to the company’s Hiver account, this makes it so that an email can be received by specific people in the company, removing the necessity of a point person forwarding emails to other employees in the company. With the larger visibility of email, responses could be made faster, by a number of people.

To avoid multiple people responding to one email, there is the collision detection feature. When a single employee is replying to an email, Hiver indicates the action to ensure that only one person replies to an email, avoiding multiple emails sent as a response.

Along with a shared inbox, there are also shared labels and shared contacts. These features make assigning tasks to specific people faster as well as making the transfer of correspondence from one person to another made easier. This is especially useful for client relations, sales, and support.

Hiver Collaboration Tool 3

Emails can also be controlled through the use of Hiver. The tool allows for emails to be sent at a scheduled date and time. The feature of email reminders allows specific emails to be bumped up at a later date, such as a reminder for follow up, tasks to be done, or monthly announcements.

Certain common features of other collaboration tools are available for Hiver, so choosing this one over others would not mean loss of features. Tasks can be assigned easily, with the tagging feature added as notice to put people in the loop. You can write email notes for further information sharing between employees involved.

There are times when emails are written again and again. For this action, email templates are made available. This is especially useful for the employees in sales, with tons of emails done daily for clients. Having email templates speeds up the process of correspondence.

The Difference

Other collaboration tools give the option of having notifications sent to an employee’s inbox. This could be a potential bulk of emails to sift through when opening your inbox. Having integrated to the Gmail account itself, there is no need for email notifications, cleaning up inbox space.

Pricing of the tool is cheaper as well, convenient for small to medium-sized companies. An employer has the control of which employees will be able to use Hiver, minimizing possible expenses that might be accrued by employees who will not be utilizing the tool. There is also a free 14-day trial for those that are interested but not yet sure of their decision. Once any company tries this out, it is sure to increase productivity and smoothen the operations of the company drastically. It would be easier to decide to purchase a subscription. Payment is also made easier via, allowing for secure monthly transactions without any hassle.

There are a lot of collaboration tools out there, but none has come close to the convenience, speed, and usefulness of Hiver. Getting this is sure to improve workflow, no doubt about it.

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