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Infographic: 12 things you didn’t know about Uber

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With Uber giving home delivery a try across the US, it’s only a matter of time until the now commonplace taxi app company will be dropping off parcels around the world. Logistics experts ParcelHero have taken a look at Uber’s rapid rise and found a few fun facts along the way. Fasten your seatbelts, get your thumbs ready for a five-star rating and check out some things you might not know about the world’s biggest taxi company.

Uber has become a constant presence in our lives. Whether it’s giving us a lift home after a big night out or ferrying us home in the rain, there’s always an Uber at our fingertips. That’s not enough for the growing Taxi app service, however, who have set their eyes on a new market with their new UberRUSH service, which aims to provide a high speed delivery service.

That’s not all though – they plan to offer a high end sports car service, and they’ll even fly you to your destination with UberCOPTER. There’s plenty of ambition then, and these services are already being trialled around the globe, so Uber might be landing a helicopter on your doorstep sooner than you think.

We know their taxi service is already a five-star service, all that remains to be seen is if their other ambitions can measure up. If it all goes according to plan, it might not be all that many years before you’re ordering your groceries via Uber, or deciding whether the delivery driver deserved four or five stars.

So why do they have their eye on the courier business? They’re already the main player in the taxi world, but that’s only worth a small percentage of the logistics business worldwide. In cold, hard numbers, things become a little clearer – Uber is valued at $50bn (and hoping for in the next funding round). The taxi industry worldwide is worth less than half of that, at only $22bn, so Uber runs at a loss.

In comparison, domestic global courier sector generates around $246 billion. Uber will earn $24.6 billion annually by capturing just 10% of the global market, and when you look at it like that it’s easy to see why Uber have set their eyes on the delivery business.

At ParcelHero, delivery is our business so we had a look at our friends at Uber and dug up a few facts that you might not have heard before. We’ve even put it together in a handy infographic for your viewing pleasure, so give it a look and find out something new about our favourite taxi app. UBER taxi

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