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The Latest on Goings with Apple – Their Products and Court Battle

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Over the course of many years, Apple has been able to rise through the ranks and has ultimately established itself as one of the major tech providers. The company is repeatedly in the news and the majority of the reports are directly related to the company’s highly innovative products. Of course, the company sometimes spring up in unwanted news reports, such as their ongoing court battle with the Justice Department. What type of future is ahead for the tech giant? Below, you’ll learn about the latest from Apple and learn about stories from both perspectives.


The Battle Ahead

While tech enthusiasts and consumers eagerly await news from Apple regarding their brand new iPhone, the company is eagerly awaiting a court decision. In all likelihood, you’ve already heard about Apple going to war with the Justice Department and their refusal to unlock a cellphone, which was linked to the San Bernardino mass murderer. The company’s lawyers have already faced off with the DOJ on numerous occasions over the past few years, but things will come to head in the coming days.

On Tuesday, a federal judge will examine the technical details of the case and will likely begin working to make a decision. For Apple, the company believes unlocking Syed Rizwan Farook’s iPhone will be a vital mistake and could hinder the privacy of customers throughout the country. A handful of other tech companies, including Google and Facebook, have decided to back Apple in their fight. On the flipside, the DOJ wants the phone unlocked and they do not seem to care whom it hurts in the process.

What decision will the judge make and it will it impact Apple’s consumers or their bottom line? The future is uncertain and consumers will likely not know for many months to come. With the latest regarding Apple’s encryption, it is essential to remember that their iMessage encryption has been questioned in the past week. This leads one to wonder, whether or not the company is simply putting on a public show for their customers.

Can Apple Employ The Blind?

Apple has always attempted to help consumers. Their customer support is excellent and the company always tries to satisfy the customer. Now, they’re taking their activism to a whole new level. The company has always been known for their innovative products and they hope that their latest accessibility tools will prove to be immensely advantageous for the visually impaired. Apple is not alone in this pursuit. Wikipedia is also working on a speech engine, which will make their massive database more accessible to those with visual deficiencies.

How this will impact Apple’s reputation amongst consumers is unknown, but it could prove to be helpful.

Unveils iPhone 5SE 

Apple has just unveiled the iPhone 5SE (may also be called iPhone SE), which will be similar to the older version of the iPhone 5S. While some of the alterations in design will only be minor, the price tag will be significantly more affordable. The screen will remain around 4”, but the overall design will be more compact and thinner. The interior components will be more similar to iPhone 6S, which is more modern and up to date. Expect to see an upgrade on the camera and the A9 chip will make the iPhone5SE much faster, which will definitely please consumers.

The iPhone 5SE will possible run one of the latest features, Apple Pay. Apple hopes that this phone will appeal to the global market, especially the low price tag. It appears that Google, which is one of Apple’s major competitors, is still offering Android phones at a cheaper price.

This unveiling comes after Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook admits to expanding the smartphone market in China, which just happens to be the one of the biggest buyers of the smartphone. In the past few years, Apple has seen a decline in global sales and hopefully the new upgraded version of the iPhone 5S will boost sales. Apple also hopes to expand in the Middle East, Indian, and African markets, which is mid-tier, but that may have some potential risks of decreasing the average iPhone costs.


At the end of the day, Apple isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it seems like the company is certain to stick around for many years to come. Whether they’re fighting off government baddies, developing a new innovative smartphone or attempting to better the planet, you can rest assured knowing you’ll hear about the company for a lengthy period of time. Those that are interested in learning about the latest from Apple would be wise to click here right now.

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