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New JRecoverer Security Tools Recover Database Passwords One Way or Another

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LCPSoft releases updates for its database password recovery tool series JRecoverer. The tools use dictionary attack, brute force attack, rainbow tables, or combined ways to quickly recover user account passwords in Oracle Database, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Also, the company for the first time announces a cost-efficient bundle of products – JRecoverer Database Bundle.

Recover Database

A lost password, even to a mere end-user document, is a headache unless recovered. Therefore, tools that help recover database passwords are always in great demand.

One of such tools is the JRecoverer cross-platform software series by LCPSoft lately updated to version 1.1. This bundle includes JRecoverer for Oracle Database Passwords, JRecoverer for MySQL Passwords, JRecoverer for Microsoft SQL Server Passwords and JRecoverer for PostgreSQL Passwords. These programs unleash the combined power of classic brute force attack, dictionary attack and precomputed hashes attack using rainbow tables to recover a user password for the corresponding databases.

The security tools safely import the user account information from a database using one of the methods provided by the DBMS. Then, using one of the recovery methods or their combination JRecoverer restores passwords and generates text or graphical reports. JRecoverer natively supports various import and authentication types, and version 1.1 introduces Windows authentication in JRecoverer for Microsoft SQL Server Passwords.

Powered by Java, JRecoverer tools are fully cross-platform and, therefore, can work on virtually any hardware and operating system. This means a wide range of accomplished tasks and even more flexible and affordale solution for small and medium businesses. Moreover, LCPSoft has now announced a new all-in-one cost-effective bundle which comprises all four tools: JRecoverer Database Bundle.

Pricing and availability

The JRecoverer series of products is cross-platform and supports Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The price of each product starts at $55 for a one-year subscription and the renewal price of $35. The lifetime license costs $75. The same JRecoverer Database Bundle licenses cost $110, $70 and $150 respectively.


LCPSoft have been developing protection and data security audit solutions since 2015. Being cross-platform, the company products are easily accessible for a broad range of hardware and operating systems.



  • JRecoverer for Oracle DB:
  • JRecoverer for MySQL:
  • JRecoverer for PostgreSQL:
  • JRecoverer for MS SQL Server:
  • JRecoverer DB Bundle:

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