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New Start Exchange Package For Developers By Celltick

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A novel way to help Developers expand their User Base by Improving Visibility, Adoption, and Sustained Engagement in the fast-growing Android Community all around the world.

The global leader in mobile marketing, Celltick, just announced a new Start Exchange, which is an admission-based ecosystem for application, widget, and mobile site developers across the globe, especially pertaining to the Android platform. Once accepted into the Start Exchange Community, developers can design and develop “starters/beginners” – namely beta or mini-versions of their products and services. These applications or widgets should address the need of rapid consumption on the home screen, which is the first and most visible screen of any mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Thus, Developers are immediately exposed to millions of other Celltick Start Exchange users, who are also engaged in a similar activity across the world, which helps in driving visibility, adoption, and engagement, at zero cost.


Ramgopal Vidyanand, VP of Marketing & Business Development, Celltick said, “Mobile users are always looking for the right applications and services to be able to access quickly and conveniently, in the course of their daily lives.” Designed as an intelligent interface, Celltick’s Start is one that offers users with a truly smart and segregated control of their smartphone or any other mobile device, as per see. Users can now have what matters most to them as soon as they wake up their device just like glance screens and other innovations by major Android modifiers. Thus, Start has the potential to be the default interface for Android devices manufactured by over 40 leading companies and operators around the world. Currently, there are easily over a million new devices being launched every month with the new Start interface. The adoption is overwhelming and its growth only increases by the end of every month.

A Start user interacts with Start more than 80 times a day and helps in making it the ideal platform to expose applications and services. Thus, it also attracts others users, adds new users, and drives the user base. It can also help improve their retentivity by offering a configuration of their Start interface. For example, they can search for and add starters on the start screen of their phone like “news sites” and add a particular mobile news site, which displays the mobile site home page inside. In addition, to the VP, Adam Salaman, Chief Operating Officer of Perk also made some comments that developers now no longer need deep resources to drive awareness, adoption and engagement. To leverage more information on the proposal submission and starter development and deployment process, kindly browse to (

Celltick is a global leader in mobile marketing. Celltick’s Start is a next generation personalized intelligent interface for Android devices. Celltick is unique in creating and managing mass market mobile marketing solutions for mobile operators, large media companies, device manufacturers and large brands. Celltick enables its partners to engage and monetize their users on the mobile. The company drives billions of transactions annually across more than 150 million active consumers across its different mobile platforms in over 25 countries. A rapidly growing company, Celltick has subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, South America and the U.S.  For more information, visit

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