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Offline Gaming vs Online Gaming: the Evolution of Games

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Before online gaming experienced a sudden increase, video games had been resigned to a solitary recreational tool: something you could enjoy by yourself with ease and at your convenience. It wasn’t seen as a means to socialise, and definitely not a stable means of income, which is obvious in the games available several years ago compared with those released now.

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Mass Effect, the first game in a successfully trilogy, is a prime example of what gaming was about in 2008. The third person RPG has a deeply interwoven tapestry of story and gameplay, and is designed for single players; due to its nature it can be argued as being much more submersive because you are drawn to the story, not the need to play with friends online.

As expected from this Bioware installment, the game soon grew into a franchise with a throng of fans eager for more, but as the years passed so too did the need to play online. This is demonstrated by the inclusion of co-op gaming in Mass Effect 3, which allows you to play with other users on specific missions. Although a gradual shift from single player to multiplayer, it has altered the way players interact with the gaming community, and asks the question as to whether single player games are becoming obsolete.

This does seem to be the case when games that lack online capabilities are seen as lesser in some way, almost limited in what they can offer. If you’re looking to play games online, there are a number of various avenues you can go down. First, and most obvious, would be the casual games offered by the likes of Betway, a brand known for sports and respected for casino gaming. Players can play if and when they want to, and normally with ease from any location thanks to mobile compatibilities; it is arguably the simplest way to game online. However, that isn’t to say it is the only option, since there are also MMO that are dominating the video games sector.

Titles like Destiny can be seen as transforming how gamers interact and engage with content. Known for being exceptional in graphics and gameplay, Destiny is also renowned for lacking in narrative, however, that factor dwarves into insignificance due to its online capabilities and how easily players from all around the world can play together on varying missions. Even though it has been revealed to users that the intended story was dramatically changed before release, it hasn’t stopped the popularity of the game, once again demonstrating the hold online games have over offline ones in the current market.

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