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Online Software Training Avoids Personnel Shortages

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Metrology software training can be a costly endeavour for any company, but as many factory owners know, the price in dollars is only a small part of the story. Many manufacturing companies say that they could benefit greatly from increased employee education, especially when it comes to educating inspection staff on multiple coordinate measuring machine software programs. The most common obstacle to achieving these goals is always the inability to spare operators for the duration of a course. Instead, manufacturers are often turning to e-learning programs that allow them to keep operators in-house while they get certified.

Online Software Training

Sending coordinate measuring machine operators off-site for further training means that your shop loses out on hours of use on equipment they already know. In-house training can mitigate this issue by staggering time spent on e-courses with time spent on the floor. Software education will always pull labour hours away from production and inspection, but there are big pay offs to keeping multiple employees trained to use metrology machines and portable arms. Better-educated employees provide scheduling flexibility over holidays and can also prevent bottleneck disasters when your quality assurance expert is sick or has a family emergency. Cross education is insurance against expensive delays caused by unpredictable illness.

When your shop is expanding its quality assurance department and you need to educate more staff on coordinate measuring machines, e-courses can improve retention, too. Students who are overloaded with information over a short period of time are known to perform well on tests immediately afterward, but long-term they may only keep one fifth of what they learned. Without regular use, operators quickly forget certain functions of the software. When features don’t require regular use, online resources can provide valuable refreshers to occasional users.

Canadian Measurement-Metrology Inc. is one measuring instruments company that’s developed online instruction videos and tests. They include extensive FAQs and resource libraries for all of its online courses. These are available for staff to consult when they confront an unusual problem or task. E-courses are a long-term investment, as they can be reused to train multiple employees. Shops no longer have to retrain new staff when an operator moves on, whether it’s to another position, another company, or into retirement. These resources can prove to be time-saving boons when something goes wrong or you experience a unique programming challenge. CMM offers these courses for a range of PC-DMIS programs, including various levels of Computer Aided Design and Portable Arms.

You can maintain a full staff of coordinate measuring machine operators at all times by educating multiple employees on PC-DMIS at several levels of competency. Video segments are limited in time and scope to maximize student retention and the ability to reference material. To find out more about how your company can benefit from PC-DMIS e-courses, stop by Nip personnel-related bottlenecks in the bud the next time you need to invest in metrology training and go with E-learning.

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