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10 Tips to Get More Out of Microsoft Onedrive

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OneDrive is a free and easy to use cloud storage solution for Microsoft users. However, if you’ve only been using it as a safe place to backup your files in case of an emergency, you aren’t using this great tool to its full capabilities. Here are 10 tips for getting the most out of Microsoft OneDrive. You can implement them for your educational, business and personal goals. More and more technologies are included even in education system.

Microsoft Onedrive

  1. Set OneDrive as The Default For All of Your Documents

Avoid the hassle of inadvertently saving your import documents to local storage by setting your OneDrive folder as the default save folder for all of your documents.

  1. Use Version Control

Version control allows you to have multiple versions of the same document. This means that you can restore back to a previous version if changes are made that need to be rolled back. Just be sure to keep document versioning turned on.

  1. Enable The Fetch Feature to Access Documents You Left at Home

What happens when you forget to save a file to OneDrive and you need it for a presentation, or you want to show off some pictures that you haven’t uploaded yet? If you enable the Fetch feature on onedrive, you won’t have to worry about that again! You can access any file from any device on your own private network.

  1. Restore Deleted Files From The OneDrive Recycle Bin

Nearly everybody has experienced that immediate sense of regret that comes with emptying your recycle bin only to realize that you inadvertently deleted something important. Fortunately, if you’ve been syncing your files with OneDrive, you are in good shape. OneDrive has its own recycle bin that doesn’t sync up with the one on your desktop or device.

  1. Use IFTT to Make OneDrive Sing

If This Then That is cool app that you can use to coordinate your web services, and it works beautifully with OneDrive. Unfortunately, you cannot trigger any action from OneDrive, but you can trigger actions that affect one drive. For example, if somebody texts you a photo, you can have it automatically saved to a folder on OneDrive. If you are working with somebody else to try and do research, you can automate the saving of any file they send to you to OneDrive. Your task is only set your goals right and this app will help you with the rest.

  1. Use OneDrive to Share Files Instead of Email

OneDrive is a great tool for collaborative work. Rather than emailing a document between team members, simply share that document, or an entire folder so that everybody has access to the same files without fear that somebody is going to upload the wrong version.

  1. Automatically Upload Photos From Your Smartphone to Get More Storage Space

Clearing out old photos on your smartphone because you’ve run out of space. Download the app for OneDrive and simply automate the upload process. This way you’ll save storage on your phone.

  1. Turn on Two Step Authentication

There are many steps that you can take to ensure that the files you store on OneDrive are as secure as possible. One of these is turning on two step authentication. This means that just because somebody cracks your password, they don’t get to your important files.

  1. Manage Your Sync Settings

Take the time to manage your OneDrive sync settings. Otherwise, every app or file that you download is going to wind up on all of your devices. Not something that you will usually want to happen.

  1. Don’t Forget About Your XBox

Wouldn’t it be cool to view the pictures and videos you’ve saved to OneDrive on your flat screen? If you have an XBox 1, you can do just that. Just download the app for XBox and you can access files from your Xbox just as easily as you can from any other device. To find the app, just use Bing.

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