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How to Convert PDF to Word Online

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Do you know what happens every day on the Internet? YouTube uploads 93 years of new videos and 172 million different people visit Facebook. Can you then imagine how many emails are sent in that single day?

We live in a digital time where everything is happening quickly and information is traveling lightning-fast in the form of bits and bytes. People are connecting online through chatting, watching videos, reading, writing, sending and receiving documents, pictures and images. Digital life can be hectic and, often times, unproductive. Therefore, we need every help we can get when it comes to managing those endless files.

PDF to Word Online

Most of the work files that circulate the Web are textual documents. This has become the most common way of correspondence, since it’s more productive, dynamic, faster and cheaper. To make things easier for humanity, innovation leaders have created the PDF — a document format that can be shared and viewed across all platforms.

One of the PDF’s strengths is its characteristic to be non-editable by default, but sometimes this feature is not very practical because the format’s applications in the real world still require people to change the content inside their PDF. Fortunately, some tools we encountered along the way can make PDF editing look like a child’s play. One of those tools is this online OCR tool that converts scanned PDFs to Word. And does so with a smile, so to speak.

It’s completely free, fast and easy to use. Most importantly, it provides quality conversions with absolutely no limitations to the file size or the number of conversions. It basically converts both scanned and native PDFs into fully editable MS Word files. All it takes is just three quick steps:

  • Select a PDF file. Try to use files that are higher in quality as this largely affects conversion accuracy.
  • Type your email address to which the converted file will be delivered.
  • Simply press the Start button and you are done.

Don’t be fooled by its fast conversion — you are not losing on quality and your files will be kept as close as possible to the original document. Also, guarantees that your email address is secure and that all files will be deleted from the servers after 24 hours.

Leading a productive and modern online life implies that the ability to multitask is a necessary personal trait. Thankfully, with tools like this PDF OCR converter, we can cut one more corner and automate this particular task. Transforming yourself into a more productive person is as easy as transforming PDF into Word. It’s time to make that step.

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